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HR Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An HR Assistant, or a Human Resources Assistant, helps human resources staff with a wide range of administrative tasks. Their duties include scheduling appointments, recording HR meetings and information about employees, and hiring new staff members.

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HR Assistant duties and responsibilities

HR Assistants help managers and employees resolve conflicts. They also conduct surveys to determine employee satisfaction, analyze results, and help research ways to motivate employees and make companies more appealing to potential applicants. Duties and responsibilities for an HR Assistant may include:

  • Reviewing performance evaluations and other reports, and creating summaries for HR Managers and HR Directors
  • Notifying employees who need continuing education or on-the-job training about upcoming classes or deadlines to renew licenses or certifications
  • Helping HR Managers and HR Directors decide what salaries to offer to new hires
  • Answering questions from employees and recording complaints
  • Using software to keep track of the hours employees work and tasks they complete
  • Implementing company programs to increase morale, such as bonuses or rewards for top performers
  • Entering data into HR databases
  • Tracking the attendance of employees and their use of vacation and sick days
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HR Assistant Job Description Examples:

What does an HR Assistant do?

HR Assistants help human resources or personnel departments run smoothly. They conduct background and reference checks, help other HR staff members rate applicants, and schedule interviews. HR Assistants also record information about employees and keep those files organized.

They help human resources departments ensure compliance with safety, health, and other regulations, rate employee performance, and ensure employees are treated fairly. They also help HR Managers and Directors draft company policies to increase productivity.

HR Assistant skills and qualifications

Successful HR Assistants are friendly, polite, and professional. They can work with various people and personalities, and stay calm while recording complaints and dealing with other stressful situations. HR Assistants can also help notify employees about policy changes. Top skills and qualifications for HR Assistants include:

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organization, time management, and attention to detail
  • Good typing and data entry skills
  • Thorough knowledge of employment laws
  • Familiarity with HR software

HR Assistant experience requirements

Look for candidates with at least a year of some type of clerical or administrative experience. Employees with HR experience in the same industry will likely be the most ideal. However, motivated candidates can quickly learn the basics on the job and work with other, more experienced employees, so it’s common that no direct experience would be required for an HR Assistant position.

HR Assistant education and training requirements

HR Assistant candidates should generally have a high school diploma or GED. Those with an associate or bachelor’s degree in human resources, personnel administration, personnel management, business administration or a related field may be preferred. It’s beneficial to offer candidates on-the-job training as well.

HR Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay for an HR Assistant is $18.78 per hour. This varies depending on location, experience and education levels, and the hiring company.

Job description samples for similar positions

If an HR Assistant isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, some related job description samples include:

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HR Assistant job description FAQs

What's a typical day like for an HR Assistant?

An informative HR Assistant job description includes an overview of the company’s values, culture and a brief history. Discuss the skills, experience, and education needed for the HR Assistant position to appeal to the most qualified people. Include information about the existing employees at a company and the kind of people the HR Assistant will be hiring for. Mentioning benefits that come with the HR Assistant position, like vacation time or health insurance, will draw in more candidates.

Job Description Examples

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