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Plant Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Plant Manager, or Operations Manager, is responsible for overseeing the operations of a manufacturing plant from coordination to overall production. Their duties include managing day-to-day operations, maintaining plant equipment, and developing strategies to create optimal plant performance.

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Plant Manager duties and responsibilities

Throughout the course of their job, Plant Managers must fulfill many duties and responsibilities. They are not focused on one specific talent, but use various skills, including:

  • Managing the daily operations of the plant
  • Testing plant processes and ensuring efficiency and safety
  • Assuring compliance with legal regulations
  • Maintaining necessary administrative records
  • Preparing and reviewing production reports
  • Analyzing and controlling costs and budgetary restrictions
  • Optimizing machinery and equipment with regular maintenance programs
  • Overseeing a team of plant workers
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Plant Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Plant Manager do?

Plant Managers are responsible for keeping manufacturing plants running smoothly. They are responsible for the performance of the plant and keep things going as efficiently as possible by implementing work strategies and motivating plant workers to perform their best. This is the case no matter what the plant produces, whether material goods or a form of energy. A Plant Manager works to improve efficiency by maintaining proper equipment and implementing new production technologies and strategies.

Plant Manager skills and qualifications

An effective Plant Manager must possess several important skills and qualifications. Essential abilities for a Plant Manager to possess to do their job well include:

  • Management skills
  • Knowledge of plant operations and production methods
  • Awareness of regulatory laws relating to the equipment and labour at the plant
  • Proficiency in using all the operating equipment at the plant
  • Time management and organizational abilities
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Leadership aptitude and the ability to motivate workers

Plant Manager experience requirements

To be a Plant Manager, a candidate generally needs to have extensive industry experience. However, the specific experience differs according to the plant’s product. For example, experience in a dairy plant may reinforce a candidate’s managerial skills but does not provide much specialized, transferrable knowledge relevant to another industry. Their experience may not be suitable to work as a Plant Manager at a wastewater treatment facility, because the two industries are completely unrelated.

For this reason, Plant Manager job descriptions typically request at least five years of experience at a similar plant. Some plants, like a nuclear energy plant, require more years of expertise in the field because the safety concerns and need for technical knowledge are much higher. Candidates need both direct experience in the field of specialization and managerial experience. Managerial skills are transferrable, so candidates who gained their managerial experience in another industry can still be successful in the role.

Plant Manager education and training requirements

The exact academic experience a Plant Manager needs varies based on the type of plant and the unique specialization required. No matter the industry, look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Degrees in mechanical and chemical engineering, for example, are helpful in a variety of manufacturing plants. If you operate in a highly specialized industry, you may require candidates with a master’s degree in business management or another field.

Plant Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Plant Manager earns an average of $88,428 per year in Canada. This salary varies based on location, hiring company, and the candidate’s level of experience and education.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Plant Manager job description FAQs

What qualities make for a good Plant Manager?

Plant Managers require a comprehensive understanding of the production process of the plant. Look for candidates who have experience with enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs). Some are specific to the industry, but Plant Managers with ERP experience in another field can learn quickly. Ideally, a Plant Manager excels in interpersonal communication and written communication. A Plant Manager should be able to work independently and with others, demonstrate analytical abilities, and be a strong and versatile leader.

Job Description Examples

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