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How to Write an Account Manager Job Description Sample

An Account Manager, or Account Executive, focuses on meeting the needs of clients and customers across all departments within a company. Their duties include serving as a point of contact for clients, building customer and company relationships, and generating revenue for clients and for their organizations.

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What does an Account Manager do?

Account Managers act as the communication connection between a client and a business. They work in a variety of industries, such as marketing, finance, event planning, software, and advertising. They research and brainstorm new ways to create and manage positive relationships with clients. Account Managers may handle all aspects of a customer’s experience with the company, such as through contract negotiations with new clients, market research in different industries, and new business opportunities for existing clients.

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Account Manager Job Description Examples:

Account Manager duties and responsibilities

Account Managers may handle accounts for multiple clients at the same time. One of their primary duties is to ensure that the work produced satisfies customers. Some common duties and responsibilities of an Account Manager include:

  • Forecasting and monitoring account metrics for each client
  • Communicating progress of quarterly, monthly, and yearly initiatives to stakeholders
  • Preparing account reports as requested by clients or supervisors
  • Collaborating with other teams and departments to meet client needs and create new opportunities
  • Ensuring timely and accurate delivery to meet customer needs and aims
  • Providing customer service to clients on all accounts
  • Negotiating contracts in the best interests of clients and organizations
  • Developing beneficial working relationships with all relevant stakeholders

Account Manager skills and qualifications

A successful Account Manager candidate has various prerequisite skills and qualifications to complete their expected duties. Some of these expectations include:

  • Analytical skills to review client data
  • Customer service experience to handle clients and customers from different industries and backgrounds
  • Problem-solving abilities to help meet customer challenges
  • Organizational ability and attention to detail to manage multiple accounts at one time
  • Time management and multitasking skills to transition among client accounts easily
  • Negotiation skills for creating and settling contracts
  • Knowledge of the most common and most recent industry best practices
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills to converse with clients

Account Manager experience requirements

When reviewing resumes of Account Manager candidates, look for those who have previous experience in related industries. You may prefer candidates with a history of customer service experience or proficiency in leadership roles. Candidates with internships or entry-level positions in sales and marketing or who have experience as Assistant or Junior Account Executives may also be qualified for the role.

Account Manager education and training requirements

Education and training requirements for an Account Manager may vary by industry. Candidates should have basic knowledge of the markets, products, services, or client types in their field. You may prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in areas such as sales, marketing, or business administration. You may also look for candidates with Key Account Manager Training courses on their resumes.

Account Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Account Manager salary in Canada is $51,212 per year. Salaries vary based on geographical location, type of institution, and level of experience.

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Account Manager job description FAQs

Does an Account Manager have different responsibilities in different industries?

Account Managers may report to Account Directors or Agency Directors. These roles oversee multiple Account Managers and client groups in different sectors of a company. They may help Account Managers decide how to deliver the best possible quality to clients. They can also work through issues with Account Managers to meet client needs.

Job Description Examples

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