Staff Accountant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Staff Accountant, or Company Accountant, handles the basic financial activities of a company. Their duties include preparing financial statements, ensuring the accuracy of financial records, and assisting senior accountants with budgets and auditing. 

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What does a Staff Accountant do?

Duties of a Staff Accountant include preparing the company’s reports and financial statements. They help ensure the firm is compliant with local and national financial regulations. Staff Accountants also provide financial information to the management, analyze financial data and manage processes like budgeting and billing.  

Staff Accountant duties and responsibilities

A Staff Accountant compiles and presents reports, budgets, and financial statements. In some cases, they may also perform the duties of a Bookkeeper. Top-level Staff Accountants may also inspect financial books and review financial statements for accuracy. Some other duties and responsibilities a Staff Accountant needs to excel at include:

  • Managing financial records 
  • Ensuring all company finances comply with GAAP requirements
  • Overseeing company accounting activities
  • Managing the accounting and reconciliation of a company’s financial reports
  • Filing end of the month or year reports to the provincial security regulatory authority
  • Handling of reimbursements, accounts payables and receivables
  • Preparation of statutory account
  • Managing billing and invoice software
  • Keeping ledgers neat and organized 
  • Using analytical software to track industry trends and patterns

Staff Accountant skills and qualifications 

A Staff Accountant must have the ability to exercise discretion. Adaptability and knowledge of local laws are also essential. Candidates should also have the ability and experience to meet the individualized accounting needs of a client. Other prerequisite skills for the job include:

  • Knowledge of different accounting software and spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask and cope with stress
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • In-depth knowledge of computers
  • Time management
  • Analytics and problem-solving skills
  • Strong listening, presentation, and communication skills

Staff Accountant Experience Requirements

Although the size of an accounting department will often determine the required experience level, candidates with one to three years of experience are generally solid choices for entry-level accounting jobs. For a mid-level Staff Accountant job, candidates should generally have between three to five years of experience. Those with experience working either as a certified accountant or as a Bookkeeper may also be considered for some positions.

Staff Accountant Education and Training Requirements

The minimum requirement for this position is generally a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or other related fields. Those with a master’s degree or doctorate may be considered over other candidates. For positions that require professional certification, candidates must have a Certified General Accountant (CGA), Chartered Accountant (CA), or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation. If the position requires experience with specific accounting software or tools, candidates should be able to provide proof of their experience with relevant training certifications. 

Staff Accountant Salary Expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Staff Accountant is $51,979 per year. However, salary will vary depending on the location, experience, and the hiring company.

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Staff Accountant's Job Description FAQs

What qualities are required of a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountants with a strong sense of ethics and integrity are highly valued and able to handle sensitive financial data. Candidates should also work well in teams and be able to collaborate with team members as well as other departments members. They must also have good attention to detail. 

Who does a Staff Accountant report to?

A Staff Accountant is a mid-level position, so they often report to the Senior Accountant or Executive Accountant. Depending on the company and size of the accounting department, they may also report to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), any of the senior executives, or directly to the business owner.

What's the difference between a Staff Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Staff Accountants manage fundamental financial activities. They file daily reports, conduct field audits of the business, and reconcile bank statements. Meanwhile, a Bookkeeper conducts daily banking activities. They record financial transactions and keep records. They also reconcile reports for third-party records and manage the accounts payable.

How can you make your Staff Accountant job description stand out?

To make your Staff Accountant job description stand out, it’s important to include any special duties required for the position to ensure candidates fully understand what will be expected of them. Additionally, be sure to highlight any specific processes or software programs candidates should expect to be familiar with to ensure their success in the role. The job description should also include information about whether competitive benefits such as bonuses are available in the position and whether there is an opportunity for career advancement.

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