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Banquet Server Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Banquet Server, or Waiter, is employed by a banquet hall or other venue to serve food and drink to patrons. Their duties include being responsible for their assigned table tasks, completing prep work such as setting up buffet stations, and cleaning up after patrons at the end of their shift.

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Banquet server duties and responsibilities

There are a variety of duties and responsibilities that a banquet server may have, depending on their level of experience and the needs of the company, including:

  • Preparing tables, serving stations, or buffet tables for service
  • Running food from the kitchen to the tables
  • Serving food and beverage to guests at their tables or at serving stations
  • Creating a pleasant atmosphere for dining and entertainment
  • Communicating with colleagues to ensure a smooth event
  • Providing bar service to guests, including cash and credit services
  • Cleaning up after events and aiding in inventory
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Banquet Server Job Description Examples:

What does a Banquet Server do?

Banquet Servers are members of the wait staff for a food and beverage organization. They are often employed by a larger venue or banquet hall that hosts private and public events. These could include weddings, corporate functions and dinners, and other large-scale events. A Banquet Server will work in collaboration with their colleagues to provide the best service to customers.

Banquet Server skills and qualifications

A Banquet Server should have strong customer service skills. They may also have previous cocktail and bartending qualifications. Some other skills and qualifications may include:

  • Ability to handle high-stress situations
  • Strong communication skills for discussing with colleagues
  • Comfortable rapport with guests in a friendly and professional manner
  • Reliable transportation for late nights
  • Knowledge of catering best practices
  • Understanding of food and beverage health and safety requirements

Banquet Server experience requirements

Banquet Servers may have a variety of experiences that could include previous banquet service experience at other venues, which could vary in size depending on the function being held. Others may have worked in a restaurant or bar setting. It would also be beneficial to look for resumes that indicate experience in fast-food environments or in other customer service roles, such as retailers, as this would show proven capability in handling customers in a fast-paced and demanding environment. A minimum of one year in a customer service oriented role would be ideal.

Banquet Server education and training requirements

A Banquet Server will display an interest in food and beverage, and may have certifications that show this. Having a Smart Serve certification for alcohol or a Food Handlers certification would be beneficial. Additionally, a high school diploma or equivalent would be an average education level for a Banquet Server, but some may have college or university experience. Other training that may be useful could include bartending or sommelier courses.

Banquet Server salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Banquet Server is $14.84 per hour. This will vary depending on the employer, the experience of the candidate, and the location of the banquet hall.

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Banquet server job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Banquet Server and a Restaurant Server?

A Banquet Server provides food and beverage service to a venue or banquet hall for large events. Their duties may include setting up the banquet hall or performing other tasks for the venue or catering company. A Restaurant Server, on the other hand, provides service to the patrons of a restaurant or food establishment.

Who does a Banquet Server report to?

A Banquet Server will often report to the Food and Beverage Manager of a catering company or banquet hall. This will depend on the type of company they work for. It may be possible that a Banquet Server will report to a team lead who is the liaison between Servers and the Food and Beverage Manager.

What should you look for in a Banquet Server resume?

A good Banquet Server resume will be clear and concise. It will be straight to the point and showcase a candidate’s prior experience and why it is relevant. A resume with direct experience in banquet service would be an asset. Those with certifications specific to food and beverage will also stand out among others.

What type of hours do Banquet Servers work?

Banquet Servers need to be flexible in their working hours as most events and functions occur on evenings and weekends. They should be expected to work between eight to 12 hours a shift, with Thursday through Saturday often being the most popular days. They may be expected to arrive early in the day to take care of logistics and leave late in the evening after cleaning is complete.

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