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How to Write a Training Coordinator Job Description Sample

A Training Coordinator, or Training Administrator, is responsible for hiring and training new staff. Their main duties include offering training services to staff, implementing human resources policies, and coordinating continued training opportunities throughout the course of an employee’s time with the company.

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What does a Training Coordinator do?

A Training Coordinator develops the training policies of the HR department, and ensures employees receive the necessary training to complete their jobs in the most efficient way possible. They are also responsible for organizing training activities outside of the workplace that may contribute to employee success within the company. The Training Coordinator is responsible for recruitment, overseeing HR Assistants in the department, and managing employee relationships with their respective departments.

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Training Coordinator Job Description Examples:

Training Coordinator duties and responsibilities

There are many daily duties and responsibilities a Training Coordinator is expected to perform in almost any industry, some of which may include:

  • Interviewing candidates and hiring new employees
  • Coordinating appropriate training activities for new recruits and current employees
  • Coordinating both internal and external team building activities at a company-wide level
  • Coordinating employee development training programs like language courses, or health and safety courses
  • Developing and implementing labour policies
  • Developing testing tools for hiring new employees
  • Communicating with Department Managers to ensure their needs are met through any new policies that come into play

Training Coordinator skills and qualifications

There are many skills and qualifications that make for an excellent Training Coordinator candidate in any industry, including:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of available training programs, both in and out of the workplace
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent knowledge of digital software systems for use by HR
  • Strong business management skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to offer advice and services to employees and prospective employees
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Strong time management and planning skills

Training Coordinator experience requirements

As a management position, candidates applying for a Training Coordinator position generally must have at least five to 10 years experience as an HR Specialist or HR Manager. Previous success as a Training Coordinator or in a similar role is beneficial as well.

Training Coordinator education and training requirements

Training Coordinator candidates have a bachelor’s degree in an administrative program like commerce, business administration, personnel management, industrial relations, human resources, or a related discipline. Completion of additional HR training courses or a personnel management training program is an asset.

Training Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Training Coordinator in Canada is $65,259 per year. Salaries vary based on geographical location, type of industry, and level of experience.

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Training Coordinator job description FAQs

How do you make a Training Coordinator job description stand out?

To make your Training Coordinator job description stand out, make sure to include details about the job with any competitive benefits you offer. Make sure to include specific details about the types of training the Training Coordinator will be expected to manage, the number of employees they will oversee, and specific HR qualifications required. Also, be sure to include clear information about the salary, as many potential candidates will look for this information.

What should you look for in a Training Coordinator's resume?

A Training Coordinator should have excellent leadership skills and feel comfortable interviewing candidates directly. They are also great communicators who are truly passionate about helping others excel in their work. Look for candidates who are self-motivated, ambitious, and are both excellent team players and leaders. A good candidate will be approachable and easy to talk to, making employees and recruits feel at ease.

What qualities make a good Training Coordinator?

A Training Coordinator focuses heavily on helping employees and recruits grow in their professional careers at the company. They concentrate efforts on developing training programs or finding external training courses to prepare employees for their jobs and to help them move up to the next level. An HR Specialist is responsible for the management of employee files — they do not solely focus on training, but instead deal with employee relationships with their employers and the company.

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