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Area Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Area Manager, or Regional Manager, is responsible for managing, planning, and growing the regional sales of the company. Their main responsibilities include leading the sales team for the area, developing sales strategies to increase sales of current and new products, and recruiting and training new salespeople.

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Area Manager duties and responsibilities

An Area Manager is responsible for managing a team and coordinating with other senior managers. Tasks a successful Area Manager candidate must excel at include:

  • Setting sales targets
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Negotiating contracts with clients
  • Evaluating sales and suggesting improvements to increase sales
  • Create reports to reflect sales as well as the efficacy of sales and marketing strategies
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Area Manager Job Description Examples:

What does an Area Manager do?

An Area Manager oversees and organizes the sales team in a given region or division within a company. They are essential to building a team of successful Salespeople who exceed expectations and hit higher sales targets. The Area Manager must build relationships with their team, oversee a plan to increase sales across the board, and develop procedures to help increase productivity within the company. The Area Manager is responsible for working with their team to reach their sales targets and manage negotiations in favour of the company.

Area Manager skills and qualifications

An Area Manager should have specific skills to effectively manage a sales team and help them achieve their sales targets. Some of the most common prerequisite skills and qualifications a successful Area Manager candidate should have include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to help sales reps improve their skills
  • Excellent mentoring skills
  • Strong data reporting skills
  • Ability to motivate a team
  • Ability to manage customer service issues and maintain client base
  • In-depth understanding of effective sales strategies

Area Manager experience requirements

Since this is a managerial position, a successful Area Manager candidate should have at least five years of experience as a Sales Manager, ideally within the same industry. Experience as a Customer Service Representative is also excellent experience to look for in an employee’s resume.

Area Manager education and training requirements

While there are no specific certification requirements for an Area Manager position, successful candidates often have a degree in marketing, business administration, or a related discipline. A Master’s Degree in business administration, marketing, or a related field is an asset to this position. Candidates with additional certifications in areas such as leadership, management, or project management are ideal.

Area Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Area Manager salary in Canada is $63,109 per year. The actual salary can vary based on factors like geographical location, industry, level of experience, and level of education.

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Area Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between an Area Manager and a General Manager?

Area Managers can manage a team and build rapport with clients. They should be easy to talk to, patient, and critical thinkers. Look for candidates who are excellent team players and work well together with others. A good Area Manager candidate will be an enthusiastic individual with a passion for sales. They also have a desire to motivate their teams and a penchant for challenging themselves to reach new goals.

What qualities make a good Area Manager?

While the Area Manager has a team of sales representatives reporting to them, they must report back to their superiors. Normally, this will be either a Regional Manager or Sales Manager. In smaller organizations, the Area Manager may report directly to a Vice President or President of the company. In larger companies, the reporting structure may vary.

Who does an Area Manager report to?

Include a detailed, yet concise description of tasks and expectations. Mentioning the types of sales and size of the team to manage is also important, as well as a competitive salary, and employee benefits and privileges. To really make a job description stand out, promote unique features of the job or the company, such as specific employee benefits programs. The potential for growth within an organization can be very encouraging, so include any growth opportunities as well.

Job Description Examples

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