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Teller Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

Tellers, or Bank Tellers, handle customer transactions and other account-related queries in banks. The transactions include processing account withdrawals and deposits for account holders. Sometimes Tellers are also in charge of other banking services such as creating accounts, helping clients order replacement cheques, and managing customers’ safe deposit boxes. Tellers serve as representatives for banks. A successful Teller has excellent communication and math skills.

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Teller duties and responsibilities

A competent Teller serves as an intermediary between the customer and the bank. Some of their core duties and responsibilities include:

  • Open and close various types of accounts, collect safe deposit box rental fees, and process address changes
  • Balance the cash drawer every day, accounting for any cash given out, received, or assigned
  • Follow and stay informed on any applicable laws and regulations
  • Foster strong customer interactions, build solid relationships, cross-sell, and offer new features and products
  • Display good risk management decisions, including demonstrating a solid knowledge of the rules for robbery and fraud prevention
  • Actively participate in ensuring that a bank meets its business goals and customer service needs
  • Conduct routine telling tasks such as withdrawals, deposits, cash transfers, loan payments, cash advances, and cashing checks
  • Accurately maintain and close out the banking terminal
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Teller Job Description Examples:

What does a Teller do?

Tellers work in a bank to provide banking services to customers. Tellers are in charge of ensuring that customer banking needs are met. They handle any account-related inquiries the customer may have, and take customers through the loan application, collection, and payment processes. Bank Tellers also answer calls and forward requests to the Branch Manager. In some banks, they may be expected to set up new accounts for clients and manage safe deposit boxes.

Teller skills and qualifications

Tellers possess a wide set of customer service and banking skills since they are the first people a client sees and speaks to in a bank. They, therefore, need to have a charming and friendly demeanor. Some of the skills and qualifications a Teller needs include:

  • Ability to perform basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing all the units of measure using fractions, percentages, whole numbers, and decimals
  • Understanding of banking software and systems
  • Able to use a computer and calculator
  • Cash handling and sales experience
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Ability to multitask and process transactions accurately and quickly

Teller experience requirements

Most Teller jobs are usually entry-level, and a candidate can work as a Teller immediately after completing high school. Most organizations don’t require Tellers to have any prior experience. A Teller candidate with prior experience, however, has an advantage. If the Teller will be expected to deal with specific clients or large transactions, candidates should have three or more years of experience in a Bank Teller position.

Teller educational and training requirements

Teller candidates need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Candidates may have a degree in a related field such as finance, accounting, or business, however, this is not a prerequisite for the position. For Teller positions that deal with high-end clients or large transactions, candidates should have certifications that establish their understanding of relevant financial and tax regulations such as the Certificate in Personal Banking from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Teller salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay of a Teller in Canada is $16.56 per hour. Wages may vary depending on how experienced the candidate is, their qualifications, level of education, and the location of the job.

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Teller job description FAQs

Do Tellers always have to serve customers standing up?

In some banks, Tellers are always standing up when serving customers. This, however, depends on the work and operational processes of the bank they work for. Some banks may require their Tellers to serve customers while standing up, while others don’t necessarily have this rule. As long as the Teller can effectively communicate with the customer and maintain eye contact, the Teller may sit or stand up.

Job Description Examples

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