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Service Advisor Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

Service Advisors, or Auto Service Advisors, interact with customers and interpret their concerns to the Auto Mechanic. Their duties include answering customers’ inquires, making product suggestions and recommendations, and welcoming customers upon their arrival.

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What does a Service Advisor do?

Service Advisors work in an auto dealership and serve as the liaison between customers and the Auto Technician. They perform general office duties, receive complaint logs, sell merchandise, and explain the work performed and associated costs to customers. They also advise customers on proper car maintenance and how to take care of their vehicles.

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Service Advisor Job Description Examples:

Service Advisor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Service Advisor vary depending on the car dealership. Some common duties and responsibilities required of a Service Advisor may include:

  • Estimating the cost and time needed for a wide range of repairs
  • Welcoming customers and discussing their needs
  • Answering customer inquires, either in person or on the phone
  • Develop repair estimates by taking the cost of materials, supplies, and labour into consideration
  • Prepare repair orders by detailing the vehicle’s problems or symptoms
  • Connecting customers to the right auto technician
  • Test-driving vehicles to confirm the customers’ vehicle is repaired as needed
  • Maintaining automotive records by keeping track of problems and corrective actions

Service Advisor skills and qualifications

For Service Advisors to excel in their duties, they must have empathy. Also important is their knowledge of both the auto industry and their employer’s services. Some other necessary skills for Service Advisors include:

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong customer service skills in order to handle customer complaints and questions effectively
  • Critical thinking, organization, time management and problem-solving skills to perform their job successfully
  • Knowledge of digital technology including the ability to use the internet and the appropriate software
  • Ability to interpret technical terms to the customers
  • Patience to cope with different customers’ personalities
  • Decision-making skills
  • Proficiency with industry-specific software
  • Analytical thinking

Service Advisor experience requirements

Candidates should have two years of experience in the automotive industry. Top Service Advisors have experience coordinating departments and providing exceptional customer service. As it is a technical position, the right candidate should already be familiar with mechanical, automotive, and related technical terms. Candidates who have already completed industry-sponsored training programs will have hands-on experience, and will be ready to start their career as a Service Advisor.

Service Advisor education and training requirements

A candidate should generally have a minimum of a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Any relevant education that prepares Service Advisors for the basic aspects of their job including communication, time management and taking direction would be an asset. Candidates with additional professional certifications, including trade experience or associate degrees in the automotive field may also be preferred.

Service Advisor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Service Advisor is $48,568 per year. However, salaries may be dependent on the experience level of the candidate, the location of the position, and the company.

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Service Advisor job description FAQs

What is the difference between Service Advisors and Service Managers?

The main difference between a Service Advisor and Service Manager is that the latter spends much of their time leading the service team of an auto company, business or dealership. This means Service Managers are generally in charge of a team of Service Advisors. Because of their leadership duties, Service Managers also have more administrative tasks compared to Service Advisors.

What qualities make excellent Service Advisors?

Service Advisors must have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with the service team, managers, and customers. They must also be tolerant and friendly, and able to adapt to different situations and the behaviour of customers.

Who does a Service Advisor report to?

A Service Advisor is an entry- or mid-level job, so they would most often be required to report their daily activities to the Service Manager. Depending on the size of the company, business, or dealership, some Service Advisors report their daily activities to the business owner instead.

How can you make your Service Advisor job description stand out?

For your Service Advisor job description to attract the right candidate, the job description needs to include the specific skills and qualifications you’re looking for in an employee. It also needs to include the essential details of the job such as salary information and any special benefits that come with the position. In addition, it’s important to show what your company offers its prospective employees compared to your competitors.

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