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Tutor Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Tutor, sometimes referred to as a Teaching Assistant, spends time with a student or with small groups of students to provide help with their coursework. They create effective lesson plans, teach students a variety of different subjects, and encourage good study habits.

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Tutor duties and responsibilities

Tutors discuss students’ progress with their parents, keep track of their grades, and recommend additional reading or study materials. Some other duties and responsibilities that Tutors need to excel in include:

  • Teaching note-taking, studying, planning, organization, research methods, and other effective learning skills
  • Helping students to set goals for themselves and motivating them to achieve those goals with praise and rewards
  • Creating, conducting, and grading realistic practice tests and providing feedback on student performance
  • Distributing informative study guides and other teaching materials
  • Operating computers, printers, webcams, and other equipment
  • Recording information about students or groups of students and making notes about their lesson plans and progress
  • Keeping the classroom or other area where they teach neat and organized
  • Providing school supplies like pencils to students
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Tutor Job Description Examples:

What does a Tutor do?

Tutors keep students motivated and interested in the subjects that they teach, instilling a passion for knowledge and continued education. They help students finish their assignments and check their work. Tutors can assist people in elementary school, secondary school, college, or graduate school. Tutors may specialize in one or several subjects. Tutors can offer essential assistance for students dealing with learning challenges or those hoping to get higher test scores.

Tutor skills and qualifications

Successful Tutors are polite and professional, while giving constructive feedback to students and their parents. They may also help in managing student behavior. Some top prerequisite skills and qualifications for Tutors include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic math skills
  • Knowledge of test preparation, the subjects they teach, and successful study methods
  • Ability to use educational software, calculators, and other learning tools
  • Time management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A flexible schedule

Tutor experience requirements

Often, Tutors require at least a few months of experience. Sometimes a preference is given to those who have worked for more than two years in a similar position, such as a Tutor, Assistant Teacher, or Teacher. Additionally, the materials that Tutors teach and the methods they use can vary greatly between schools, subjects, and grade levels, so expansive experience is important. The grade level that Tutors work with may also influence their teaching approach. For example, Tutors who deal with primary school students may use a more hands-on learning method than they would with a university student. Tutors who work for schools and universities tend to collaborate with Teachers closely.

Tutor education and training requirements

Most Tutor jobs require a bachelor’s degree in the subject or subjects involved. Some positions require a master’s degree. Though some will accept undergraduate students with good grades who are still studying for their degrees, many prefer candidates who have a teaching certificate in their province or territory.

Tutor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Tutor is $21.12 per hour. Individual pay levels can vary, however, depending on many factors including candidate experience, employer, level of education required, the location of the job, the ages of the students, and the subject being taught.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Tutor job description FAQs

What is a typical day like for a Tutor?

Tutors offer teaching sessions that typically last an hour. These sessions most often occur after regular class hours or during the weekends. Tutors may have to travel to the student’s home or conduct sessions on campus. They may also teach a student online. Hence, a tutor’s workday may vary.

Who does a Tutor report to?

Tutors can assist students in elementary school, secondary school, college, or graduate school. They report to Teachers or Professors at many schools and universities. In some school systems, Tutors report to Principals, department heads, or school district staff members. Tutors who work for tutoring companies report to a manager or Shift Supervisor. Some tutors also work as independent contractors.

What qualities make a good Tutor?

The best Tutors are adaptable and able to change their teaching techniques when needed. They’re enthusiastic about their subject, and they make every lesson interesting. Tutors should also be patient, friendly, creative, and enthusiastic about learning new facts and sharing them with students.

Job Description Examples

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