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Merchandiser Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Merchandiser is responsible for ensuring that a brand’s offerings get distributed to all the brand’s stores and that stock is always available. Their duties include boosting sales by creating displays for merchandise and promotions that drive business into the brand’s stores, providing customer service to retail store employees, and helping handle customer service or clerical issues with clients.

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Merchandiser duties and responsibilities

Merchandisers play an important role in the operation of retail chain stores and outlets, working between the manufacturers and the retail outlet owners. Key responsibilities for a Merchandiser may include:

  • Finding the best locations within each retail outlet and positioning products in an appealing way
  • Removing damaged, expired, or unsuitable products from circulation
  • Tracking sales to monitor product popularity
  • Creating promotions and discounts for particular products
  • Conducting focus groups, research, interviews, and surveys to determine viability of specific products, product development, and gaps in the market
  • Advocating for removing products that have not gained market popularity
  • Maintaining relationships with stakeholders to promote the brand
  • Conducting competitor analysis to stay ahead of the market
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Merchandiser Job Description Examples:

What does a Merchandiser do?

Merchandisers are a vital part of the retail industry. They serve as a go-between for retail outlets and manufacturers to ensure the brand’s products are available at retail stores and that stock is replenished as needed. Merchandisers work with the retail team to create promotions and attractive displays in stores to make products more appealing to customers. They also provide customer service to retail store owners by addressing issues, answering questions, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Merchandiser skills and qualifications

Merchandisers must possess many skills and qualifications to perform their jobs successfully, and manage the responsibilities of keeping brands relevant, including:

  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Ability to create engaging product displays
  • Knowledge in marketing strategy and ways to solve problems that arise
  • Understanding statistical procedures and data analysis
  • Awareness in market research strategies to determine stakeholder and consumer needs
  • Computer and social media skills
  • Ability to work with the team and individually
  • Professionalism

Merchandiser experience requirements

Merchandiser candidates will often have prior experience as a Retail Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser, or in another Merchandiser role. Merchandisers may also gain relevant experience from working in similar roles, such as within a marketing team or in a merchandising-related internship. Experience with high-level retail roles, marketing, and customer service are also desirable.

Merchandiser education and training requirements

Merchandisers will often have relevant on-the-job experience in merchandising roles as well as a bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance, business, or another relevant field. Though it’s not necessary, having a degree provides a Merchandiser with a higher level of understanding of the expectations of the role and the larger market. Many positions will list a degree as preferred, so the candidate should be able to showcase the necessary skills, creativity, and experience to perform the job effectively.

Merchandiser salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Merchandiser is $15.35 per hour. Keep in mind that may vary by the relevant experience, location, education level, and company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Merchandiser job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Merchandiser and a Buyer?

Merchandisers and Buyers have many of the same responsibilities, but they often view those responsibilities from different angles. Both are involved in the supply chain from pre-production through to the customer, but Merchandisers work more closely with financial information and approach the task from a numbers point of view. Buyers are more product-focused, and work closely with suppliers and designers, focusing on the aesthetic value of the product.

What makes a good Merchandiser job description?

Merchandisers play a vital role in the supply chain, so it is important to attract an ideal candidate. The Merchandiser job description will have an overview that provides general information about the role and responsibilities, followed by more detailed information about specific duties to be accomplished. Be sure to include any information that isn’t typical of a Merchandiser or any industry-specific duties, to ensure you attract the right candidate. Finally, include relevant experience and educational requirements, such as formal education, certifications, and internships.

What are the different types of Merchandisers?

Merchandising is a broad field, but there are many specialized Merchandisers that companies hire to handle different responsibilities. Some examples include Product Merchandisers, who focus on products, Retail Merchandisers, who focus on promotional and marketing activities in a physical store, and Visual Merchandisers, who focus on the display techniques that showcase the product aesthetics and benefits.

There are also Digital Merchandisers, who focus on promotional activities that take place online, and Omnichannel Merchandisers, who focus on creating a seamless customer experience across all sales channels. Depending on the needs of the business, companies may require specific Merchandisers with specialties or Merchandisers with experience handling elements of each type of merchandising while developing effective techniques.

Job Description Examples

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