How to Write a Kitchen Assistant Job Description Sample

A Kitchen Assistant, or Kitchen Porter, performs washing, cleaning, and food preparation duties in a kitchen. Their duties include washing and storing dishes and utensils, sorting and distributing ingredients, and helping to prepare food and desserts. 

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What does a Kitchen Assistant do?

Kitchen Assistants maintain kitchens that can operate efficiently and cleanly so patrons can enjoy safely prepared food. Chefs rely on Kitchen Assistants to follow cleaning schedules that might involve emptying garbage, collecting used towels and uniforms, and cleaning floors or other surfaces. They might execute some basic recipes as directed by the Chef, or they support other cooks by organizing storage areas so ingredients and tools are easy to access. Kitchen Assistants may also check inventories, track food wastage and make sure the kitchen meets all health and safety requirements.

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Kitchen Assistant Job Description Examples:

Kitchen Assistant duties and responsibilities 

Kitchen Assistants assist most when provided with a clear list of duties and responsibilities to complete, ideally following a daily schedule. They balance cleaning and maintenance tasks with food preparation and cooking tasks, completing jobs such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas to establish proper hygiene 
  • Washing and storing all cooking appliances, utensils, cutting boards, and dishes
  • Assisting Cooks by performing basic preparatory tasks, including washing and cutting produce, combining ingredients in recipes, and cleaning meat and fish
  • Sweeping and mopping kitchen floors and wiping walls 
  • Receiving, labeling, and storing deliveries of produce and other items 
  • Promptly responding to instructions and bringing meal ingredients from storage areas to the kitchen 
  • Monitoring recipes on the stove and in the oven to ensure proper cooking
  • Checking each order contains the right type and amount of side dishes 

Kitchen Assistant skills and qualifications 

To be successful, Kitchen Assistants need a variety of skills that include:

  • Ability to perform well under pressure and work quickly and efficiently 
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to enjoy working with others 
  • Keenness to follow instructions and prepare ingredients according to the Chef’s instructions 
  • Remarkable organization skills and the ability to keep track of kitchen inventory 
  • Knowledge of cooking techniques and methods 
  • Understanding of health and safety regulations regarding food preparation and storage
  • Basic understanding of how to use kitchen equipment

Kitchen Assistant experience requirements 

Most employers consider the role of Kitchen Assistant as an entry-level position with little or no requirements. However, candidates with proven working experience as Kitchen Assistants, Commis Chefs, Assistant Cooks, or other related positions are preferable. Ideal candidates have experience working with kitchen ingredients, washing utensils, maintaining storage areas, and coping with the fast-paced kitchen environment. Additional experience in table service can also be relevant if the Kitchen Assistant would interact with guests.

Kitchen Assistant education and training requirements

Employers typically require Kitchen Assistants to have a secondary school diploma as their minimum level of education. Some candidates might come from educational backgrounds in hospitality, catering, or other related fields, or they might have helpful certifications in food handling and preparation. Most training, however, can take place on the job. Kitchen Assistants need to learn the organizational systems of their new kitchen and familiarize themselves with all health and cleanliness protocol.

Kitchen Assistant salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Kitchen Assistant is $15.49 per hour. Wages may depend on the candidate’s experience and education or your company and its location.

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Kitchen Assistant job description FAQs

What makes a good Kitchen Assistant Job description?

Kitchen Assistant duties and responsibilities may vary from one restaurant to another. Therefore, be sure to mention any unusual duties you may require candidates to perform in your restaurant. It’s also important for Kitchen Assistants to know if they will be working in shifts. Include details about the salary and any competitive benefits you may offer with the position.

What's the difference between a Kitchen Assistant and a Kitchen Manager?

A Kitchen Manager’s duty is to oversee kitchen staff while ensuring the consistent quality of meal service. They also maintain adequate stock to handle food orders as business levels change. A Kitchen Assistant performs support duties under the direction of the Kitchen Manager and replenishes supplies, performs cooking duties, and serves food to customers under the direction of the Chef. 

What should you look for in a Kitchen Assistant resume?

Kitchen Assistants must be neat and sensitive to details. Therefore, a Kitchen Assistant resume must be well-organized and concise. Look for candidates who have a majority of the skills mentioned in your job description. An ideal resume also details relevant experience working in a kitchen and shows proof of a food handler’s certification for your province or territory.

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