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UX Designer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A User Experience (UX) Designer, or UX Architect, is responsible for designing, implementing, and testing new software, and making sure it’s user-friendly. A UX Designer typically has a solid understanding of user experience design fundamentals, such as rules of typography and data visualization techniques. Their duties include conducting user research and usability testing to ensure all designs meet user and client requirements, optimizing services and products for a range of clients, and developing mockups for the design and development teams.

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UX Designer duties and responsibilities

A UX Designer is tasked with building the user experience strategy of a website from the ground up. They focus on brand management as well as seller and customer loyalty. Some of their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining design wire-frames and specifications
  • Collaborating with visual designers and creative directors to incorporate a visual or brand identity into the end product
  • Communicating screen designs, interaction models, end-to-end experiences, and the target audience to other members of the project team
  • Considering the human-computer interface element of a design
  • Comparing the user experience of existing applications and working to design better alternatives
  • Keeping current with industry trends and competitor products, and communicating design prototypes and ideas to developers
  • Working with UI Designers to implement attractive designs
  • Developing task flows and wireframes based on user needs
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UX Designer Job Description Examples:

What does a UX Designer do?

The scope of a UX Designer’s job focuses on creating the user interface of an application, website, game, and other programs, based on wireframing, research, and more. Ideally, a UX Designer ensures an accurate translation of a company’s requirements into design. They measure and optimize web-based applications to enhance usability while creating the best user experience by exploring several approaches to solving end-user problems. A UX Designer works hand-in-hand with company stakeholders and product owners to strategize and develop a suite of applications for various operating systems including Windows, Web, Android, and iOS.

UX Designer skills and qualifications

A potential UX Designer should have developed research skills, know how to analyze user data, and be familiar with conducting effective surveys. They use their naturally curious mind to make connections between a diverse set of business problems. Look for these qualifications in a UX Designer candidate:

  • Willingness to explore industry trends in technology and design with the entire development team
  • Extensive understanding of mobile and web platforms
  • Being a highly organized workshop facilitator who knows how to prepare, analyze, and run a workshop with the clients and the team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with proven ability to present concepts, ideas, and insights to the project team and clients
  • Familiarity with information architecture and interaction design
  • Background in project research and management, and a strong portfolio of design projects

UX Designer experience requirements

There are no specific experience requirements for a UX Designer. It’s more important for candidates to have relevant education or training. However, candidates with research, analysis, quality assurance, or website design experience have transferrable skills that prepare them for the role. Look for a candidate with experience preparing detailed competitive consumer analyses.

UX Designer education and training requirements

Look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, science, web design, or relevant field. They must have an advanced understanding of research techniques, the functions of e-commerce, and C2C marketplace. There are various online courses that teach hands-on UX design techniques and prepare candidates for the role. Candidates may require valuable experience with design software such as Balsamiq and UXPin.

UX Designer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a UX Designer in Canada is $70,487 per year. Salaries vary depending on the location, company, and the candidate’s experience.

Job description samples for similar positions

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UX Designer job description FAQs

What qualities make a good UX Designer?

Successful UX Designers are creative, can empathize and understand the needs of a user, pay attention to detail, and have strong analytical skills. Being able to communicate well is key, as UX Designers work within teams and need to translate this vision into a clear, realistic plan.

Who does a UX Designer report to?

Who a UX Designer reports to depends heavily on the company, client, and project size. There are three primary UX design project structures: Centralized, Decentralized, and Matrix. With the Centralized model, multiple UX Designers report to a UX Manager within a team. The Decentralized model spreads UX Designers across different teams surrounded by other professionals within an organization. Finally, the Matrix model is a hybrid of the two where UX Designers report to team leads, which are all overseen by one UX Project Manager.

What is the difference between a UX Designer and a UI Designer?

A UX Designer focuses on customer and market research, monitors competition, and develops content based on user needs. UI Designers work closely with UX Designers, but focus on the aesthetic aspects of the software. Their role includes graphic design, typography, animations, and a colour scheme. Both professionals work towards a shared goal of creating a functional, user-friendly program.

Job Description Examples

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