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Construction Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Construction Manager, or Construction Supervisor, supervises a firm’s building sites, both for new build projects and remodelling work. They hire Labourers and Contractors to carry out the work, ensure the work complies with quality standards, order supplies, and liaise with clients on the progress of the project.

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Construction Manager duties and responsibilities

A Construction Manager decides which workers need to be hired to complete building projects. They are also responsible for ensuring safety protocols and staffing requirements are followed on company sites at all times. Other duties of a Construction Manager include:

  • Purchasing materials from suppliers, such as wood, blocks, and frames, so that construction can proceed
  • Reviewing the work of the Construction Crew to determine whether quality standards are being observed
  • Developing a plan of work for each site so each project can finish on time
  • Informing Senior Management about the cost and progress of each project
  • Maintaining regular contact with clients
  • Managing the budget for each worksite to make sure each project is completed efficiently
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Construction Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Construction Manager do?

A Construction Manager assigns Construction Workers to a project and drafts site schedules to make sure the project is fully staffed. They engage with clients to identify any specific requirements, and order the materials and tools necessary to complete the job. A Construction Manager also updates Senior Management on the progress of the projects they are overseeing. In addition, they must keep their knowledge and understanding of building regulations up-to-date so they can make sure rules are being followed.

Construction Manager skills and qualifications

A Construction Manager should have the ability and skills to effectively lead and manage a team. They should also be highly organized so they can manage several construction sites simultaneously while maintaining high standards. Other important skills for a Construction Manager include:

  • Excellent project planning skills to ensure deadlines are met
  • Ability to maintain good working relations with material suppliers and sub-contractors so the project can run smoothly
  • Understanding of construction processes and standards, either through work experience or qualifications
  • Ability to work under pressure and solve problems when unexpected issues arise

Construction Manager experience requirements

An entry-level Construction Manager may have previous work experience as a Construction Worker or Supervisor on a construction site or in a similar work setting. You may prefer to hire a Construction Manager with several years of experience in the role, especially if you want a Manager capable of taking on responsibility for a large number of work sites.

Construction Manager education and training requirements

While post-secondary education is not required to work as a Construction Manager, candidates will benefit from a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field. Such an education will give them a good understanding of building regulations and construction procedures. A degree may also indicate they have good project management skills. However, candidates without a degree can develop these skills through work experience, especially if they have been active in the construction sector for some time.

Construction Manager salary expectations and similar positions

According to Indeed Salaries, a Construction Manager can expect to earn an average of $69,980 per year in Canada. Salaries can vary due to the wide range in the size and complexity of construction projects. It can also vary based on the hiring company, experience, and location.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Construction Manager job description FAQs

Does a Construction Manager need to have an engineering background?

Candidates with a background in engineering will know about building regulations and will be able to assess the quality of work being carried out by the crew. These skills will be especially important, particularly if your construction projects are very complex. However, Construction Managers can come from different backgrounds, including project management or business administration.

What should you look for in a Construction Manager's resume?

The candidate should be able to demonstrate they have the ability to effectively run a project and manage a team of workers. This may be shown by previous work achievements they mention or qualifications they have obtained. The application should also indicate that they have some experience in the construction industry. Since Construction Managers must communicate effectively with a broad range of clients and contractors, their resume should demonstrate they possess strong interpersonal skills.

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