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Packer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Packer, or Packing Assistant, is an entry-level position typically within a warehouse environment that handles collecting and preparing products for shipping. Their duties include picking items from an order sheet, preparing and packaging items for shipment, and general material handling within the warehouse.

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Packer duties and responsibilities

A Packer is responsible for collecting items accurately, moving them to staging areas, and preparing orders for shipping. Some duties and responsibilities of a Packer may include:

  • Gathering product orders using warehousing equipment, such as pallet jacks or forklifts
  • Unloading incoming inventory
  • Moving and storing inventory in its specified area in the warehouse
  • Rotating stock when needed
  • Completing order paperwork accurately and promptly
  • Preparing items for shipment, including proper packaging and labeling
  • Maintaining a safe work environment and taking part in regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Operating warehouse machinery safely and efficiently
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Packer Job Description Examples:

What does a Packer do?

A Packer is an integral position within a warehouse or distribution facility. Any organization that holds and moves inventory can employ Packers to assist in the material handling of items and products. For example, a manufacturing facility that has a parts warehouse may have a Packer on staff to move product from the warehouse to the manufacturing floor. Another example would be a large-scale distribution center that ships items to customers.

Packer skills and qualifications

A successful Packer combines attention to detail, organization, and the ability to work within a fast-paced environment. Top skills and qualifications for a Packer may include:

  • Accuracy with orders and able to maintain production quotas
  • Safely operating equipment within confined spaces
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Time management and organizational skills to plan effectively
  • Prioritization skills to work with minimal supervision
  • Interpersonal skills to work well within a team environment

Packer experience requirements

Packer positions often require industrial or warehouse experience. You may require candidates to have specific software experience or familiarity with automated warehouse racking, depending upon your needs. A successful Packer will have knowledge of material handling, experience with inventory control methods and proper packaging for shipment.

Packer education and training requirements

As a Packer is typically an entry-level position, candidates don’t generally need formal post-secondary education, though you may require candidates to have a high school diploma or equivalent. You might also consider candidates with counterbalance forklift certification and other warehouse material handling training, such as overhead crane and rigging, scissor lifts, or reach forklifts. Candidates will usually complete basic training after the hiring process.

Packer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay rate for a Packer in Canada is $16.11 per hour. The actual rate earned will vary depending on factors such as education, experience, location, and the hiring organization.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Packer job description FAQs

How can you make your Packer job description stand out?

Since a Packer position is typically an entry-level role, it’s ideal to tell candidates about your company. Explain what your company does, your mission and values, and what it is like to work for your business. Highlight the type of warehouse or distribution centre the candidate will be working in and outline the types of shifts they’ll be expected to work. Also mention if you require any specialist training in warehousing equipment, like forklifts.

Who does a Packer report to?

The person a Packer reports to depends on the organizational structure of your business. A Packer will usually report to a Warehouse Supervisor or Manager. If the facility is large, a Lead Packer may supervise all other Packers and report upward to the Warehouse Supervisor.

What qualities make for an excellent Packer?

The essential qualities for an excellent Packer include a keen awareness of details to maintain accuracy, memory skills to assist with remembering where items are located and the warehouse layout, and flexibility to change priorities as needed. For example, you may have a Packer collecting an order and, at a moment’s notice, they will need to shift priorities to unload an inventory truck. Resilience and adaptability are also essential qualities, as Packing work can be physically demanding.

What should you look for in a Packer resume?

Look for candidates who have some previous experience in an industrial or warehouse environment. Ideal candidates will have experience in the same industry as your own. Prior forklift or material handling equipment experience is an asset, as is mechanical aptitude. If you deal with specialized warehouse inventory, such as frozen products, look for candidates that have experience with those type of inventory. When reviewing resumes for a Packer position, look for resumes free from errors and mistakes, as attention to detail is a critical skill.

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