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How to Write an Inventory Control Clerk Job Description

An Inventory Control Clerk, or Inventory Management Clerk, is responsible for maintaining and managing an organization’s inventory by keeping track of their goods and supplies. Their primary duties include tracking incoming and outgoing materials and products, monitoring reorders, and initiating restock requests according to demand.

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What does an Inventory Control Clerk do?

An Inventory Control Clerk monitors inventory and orders additional stock as needed. They also organize and store items in warehouses or retail outlets to ensure other employees can access the supplies, raw materials, and products they need to perform their jobs effectively. Inventory Control Clerks count supplies carefully and report any discrepancies between the actual count and the recorded stock levels to an Inventory Control Manager or Inventory Supervisor. They also account for damaged, mis-ordered, and returned inventory.

Inventory Control Clerks often work for retail or wholesale establishments, government agencies, manufacturing companies, or other organizations that hold inventory. Their schedules can vary depending on your organization’s needs.

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Inventory Control Clerk Job Description Examples:

Inventory Control Clerk duties and responsibilities

An Inventory Control Clerk has many essential duties and responsibilities to ensure items are accurately stocked, recorded, and stored including:

  • Maintaining and updating required inventory levels for goods, products, and materials
  • Conducting quality checks on stored inventory to comply with company standards
  • Processing and documenting returned items
  • Implementing inventory management procedures and processing invoices
  • Performing clerical functions such as answering calls, entering data into computers, and helping customers
  • Monitoring inventory losses and implementing loss-prevention programs
  • Preparing relevant reports for supervisors
  • Ordering inventory from vendors and suppliers

Inventory Control Clerk skills and qualifications

In order to manage a company’s incoming and outgoing flow of goods and materials efficiently, an Inventory Control Clerk should have skills and qualifications including:

  • Strong organization skills to record details such as barcodes, supplies, damages, and pricing information
  • Ability to work independently and learn on the job
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Strong math and critical thinking skills

Inventory Control Clerk experience requirements

While much of the training for Inventory Control Clerks occurs on the job, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have previous experience working with inventory. Consider looking for applicants who have between one and five years of experience working in a stockroom, retail establishment, or warehouse. Some relevant roles include Store Clerks and Warehouse Workers. You may also look for candidates who have experience using inventory control software, spreadsheets, and mailing systems. Candidates with management experience may also excel in this role.

Inventory Control Clerk education and training requirements

Inventory Control Clerk candidates usually have a high school diploma or GED. While a degree is not necessary for this position, you may prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree or who have completed advanced coursework in business, math, communication, accounting, and human resources. You may also seek candidates who have completed production and inventory management certifications, such as the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certificate or the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) certificate.

Inventory Control Clerk salary expectations

While the average annual salary for an Inventory Control Clerk in Canada is currently unavailable, the average annual salary for the related role of Inventory Associate is $57,450 per year. This pay rate may vary based on the candidate’s education and level of experience.

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Inventory Control Clerk job description FAQs

What makes a good Inventory Control Clerk job description?

A good Inventory Control Clerk job description includes all the necessary information about the skills, experience, and education candidates need to be successful. It should describe the type of inventory the applicants may be responsible for and mention any specific tools or software they need to be familiar with. If your inventory has special requirements, such as frozen foods or pharmaceuticals, make sure candidates have relevant experience with that type of inventory. Be sure to list information about the salary and any competitive benefits you’re offering to increase the number of applications you may receive.

What top qualities should you look for in an Inventory Control Clerk?

Good Inventory Control Clerks are methodical, detail-oriented, and trustworthy. They know how to concentrate on specific tasks and identify issues with inventory as they arise. Inventory Control Clerks must also be proficient with inventory control software and able to multitask. If there are problems with the inventory, they should be able to find solutions quickly and know when to escalate issues to a supervisor.

Is an Inventory Control Clerk the same as an Inventory Associate?

Yes, an Inventory Control Clerk and an Inventory Associate perform similar roles within an organization. Both are in charge of tasks related to inventory control and typically report to an Inventory Control Manager or Inventory Supervisor.

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