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Assistant Accountant Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Assistant Accountant helps businesses stay financially successful by assisting Accountants and accounting departments with a variety of tasks. Their duties include keeping detailed, accurate records of financial transactions such as the company’s sales, expenses, or purchases, calculating and creating invoices and bills, making sure that companies file annual taxes, and are in compliance with other local and national laws.

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Assistant Accountant duties and responsibilities

Assistant Accountants read and summarize reports from different departments to help them coordinate their actions. They record and compare bids from vendors and subcontractors, and they keep track of costs to determine how profitable a project or the business as a whole will be. Some other duties and responsibilities in an Assistant Accountant job description may include:

  • Reviewing transaction records from cash registers and other devices
  • Notifying employees about any changes in the company’s financial procedures
  • Verifying the accuracy of company records by reviewing bank statements and other information
  • Correcting any discrepancies in business ledgers and accounts
  • Preparing deposits and delivering them to banks
  • Processing payroll checks for employees
  • Deciding whether the company will approve or deny requests for additional spending
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Assistant Accountant Job Description Examples:

What does an Assistant Accountant do?

Assistant Accountants organize and update financial records and create documentation such as payment orders and purchase orders. They help businesses follow their budgets, make sure additional expenditures are necessary, and research prices and pay rates to find ways to save the company money. Some Assistant Accountants focus on keeping records for taxes and making payments when needed. Others compile financial reports for executives and board members so that they can easily understand the company’s growth and financial prospects.

Assistant Accountant skills and qualifications

Successful Assistant Accountants must be willing to work under pressure, meet strict deadlines, and pay attention to a variety of complex details. Some top skills and qualifications for Assistant Accountants include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to plan ahead and adapt
  • Understanding of basic math, how to track expenses, and how to follow a budget
  • Knowledge of local, provincial, and federal tax laws
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel and relevant accounting software
  • Ability to keep company financial records confidential

Assistant Accountant experience requirements

Most Assistant Accountant jobs prefer people with some financial experience, but some positions will consider candidates with no experience. However, all Assistant Accountants need to be familiar with interest rates, tax laws, and common accounting terms.

Assistant Accountant education and training requirements

Most Assistant Accountant jobs require a secondary school diploma or GED and an associate or bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a similar field. Some positions require certification or licencing. On-the-job training is usually needed as well.

Assistant Accountant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Assistant Accountant earns a salary of $19.08 per hour in Canada. This is dependent on a variety of factors such as location, level of experience, company, and the industry they work in.

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Assistant Accountant job description FAQs

What is a typical day like for an Assistant Accountant?

Most Assistant Accountants work in an office at regular business hours. They spend most of their time filing and reviewing paper or computerized records, and updating them when needed. They can also make phone calls and visit company locations to collect documents and cash. Some Assistant Accountants attend meetings with department heads and executives as well. They can take care of a variety of tasks, or focus on just one area or department of a company. Some Assistant Accountants work remotely, and may have more flexible hours. Freelance Assistant Accountants might work in offices or from home.

Who does an Assistant Accountant report to?

Assistant Accountants can report to a variety of people, including Accountants, Accounting Managers, Shift Supervisors, and owners. In some organizations, financial or accounting department heads supervise them. Assistant Accountants spend most of their time working alone, but they collaborate with coworkers and offer suggestions to supervisors.

What is the difference between an Assistant Accountant and a Staff Accountant?

Assistant Accountants and Staff Accountants take care of the same tasks, but Staff Accountants usually have a certification in accounting and more experience than Assistant Accountants. In some organizations, Staff Accountants supervise Assistant Accountants.

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