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Communications Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Communications Manager oversees general communications for a company for both internal and external purposes, though most of the work is meant to engage clients and customers. Their duties include preparing marketing materials, producing press releases, and creating media reports.

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Communications Manager duties and responsibilities

The Communications Manager position has quite a few duties and responsibilities. Some of the most important duties for the position across all industries include:

  • Oversee communications for new products, events, and special promotions
  • Develop marketing and communication strategies to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Produce media activity reports
  • Supervise a team of communicators and content creators
  • Respond quickly to communication issues that arise
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Communications Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Communications Manager do?

Communications Managers are responsible for the messaging and marketing of a company by overseeing press releases, newsletters, and other marketing-related publications or launches. They work to create communications strategies to engage customers, and build brand awareness and loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction. They oversee the specific designs and content of marketing materials in addition to big-picture ideas. Interdepartmental communication is essential as well, as these managers communicate with others in the company whether to create marketing content or spread internal messaging.

Communications Manager skills and qualifications

In order to fulfill the aforementioned duties, a Communications Manager will need to have the proper skills and qualifications, including:

  • Proficiency in oral and written communication skills, which includes the confidence to present material to a large audience
  • Highly-organized, and can manage time well
  • Excellent problem-solving and data analysis skills
  • Experience in managing social media platforms, which includes content creation and ROI generation
  • Outstanding leadership and management skills

Communications Manager experience requirements

Given that a Communications Manager leads a team that would promote a company’s product or service, they are expected to have previous and extensive experience in the field. Typically, they have at least five to seven years of experience in marketing or communications. Additionally, they are expected to provide evidence that they have successfully created targeted content in the past, and have achieved the goals set by their organization or employer.

Communications Manager education and training requirements

At a minimum, a Communications Manager is usually expected to have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as communications, public relations, or journalism. In some larger companies, however, a Communications Manager may be expected to have a master’s degree in a relevant field.

Communications Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Communications Manager in Canada is $65,135 per year. However, this amount can vary based on location, experience and the hiring company.

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Communications Manager job description FAQs

What kind of industries use Communications Managers?

A Communications Manager can be essential in any industry. Marketing to customers creates an obvious enough need, but even businesses that market to other businesses would still need a Communications Manager to optimize their efforts. Government organizations and agencies need Communications Managers as well, so this job is appropriate for both the public and the private sector.

Is there any public speaking involved?

The answer to this question can vary from company to company. Companies may have someone else conduct press conferences or act as a formal spokesperson, but public speaking can be part of the Communications Manager’s job as well. If this is going to be a part of your job description, make sure it’s mentioned directly that public speaking is one of the necessary skills. Depending on the size of the company, a Communications Manager may even need to have experience being on camera if they’re going to act as a media liaison.

Does a Communications Manager need industry knowledge?

While industry knowledge is more of a bonus than a requirement when starting in a position, it’s essential for a Communications Manager to have extensive knowledge about the products and/or services that the entity they’re working for offers. Not only that, but they also need to keep up with the latest industry trends to ensure their marketing efforts are slated for maximum ROI. This means doing constant research along with all the other responsibilities of the position.

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