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How to Write a Process Engineer Job Description Sample

A Process Engineer, or Production Process Engineer, determines the processes for how to convert raw materials and energy into final products. Their main duties are to design, plan, and implement processes for production.

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What does a Process Engineer do?

A Process Engineer develops and plans the processes and machinery involved in manufacturing products from raw materials. They also evaluate, design, and install operational and mechanical systems involved in the manufacturing process. The duties of these professionals can vary by industry. For example, in the petroleum industry, Process Engineers develop the chemical processes and equipment needed to convert oil and gas from their original forms to commercial, usable products. Process Engineers in the agriculture industry work on converting crops into food products. Automotive Process Engineers design the tools for producing automobiles.

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Process Engineer Job Description Examples:

Process Engineer duties and responsibilities

A Process Engineer is a high-level engineering position responsible for overseeing the workflow of process development projects from start to finish. Some of the most common daily duties a Process Engineer candidate performs include:

  • Evaluate and design the workflow process
  • Develop, install, and maintain equipment to complete the production process
  • Design and test the production processes
  • Establish quality control guidelines for the production process
  • Diagnose mechanical failures, determine solutions, and make repairs
  • Supervise and lead manufacturing technicians in their duties
  • Create reports with cost and time estimates for each project

Process Engineer skills and qualifications

Most Process Engineer candidates have some common skills, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of process and mechanical engineering
  • Excellent analytical and logic skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong project management and leadership skills
  • In-depth knowledge of engineering design and applied technologies
  • Understanding of manufacturing, processing, and production
  • Ability to work well with other engineers on the same project

Process Engineer experience requirements

A strong Processing Engineer candidate has a minimum of five years of experience working under the supervision of a Mechanical or Biochemical Engineer in a production setting. Experience as a Manufacturing Engineer is also acceptable, relevant experience that may be a strong asset in a Process Engineer candidate.

Process Engineer education and training requirements

Process Engineer candidates should have at least a university degree in process engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or a related discipline. If they continue their education to earn a graduate degree like a master’s or Ph.D., candidates may be more qualified for research, development and management positions in the field.

In addition, an ideal Process Engineer candidate has industry licenses and certifications recognized by the regulatory bodies in their province or territory. For example, candidates in Ontario can earn a professional engineer licence through the Professional Engineers Ontario organization. This licence shows that a candidate has knowledge of engineering laws and ethics and experience in the industry.

Process Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Process Engineer in Canada is $77,049 per year. Salaries may vary based on factors like geographical location, size and type of industry, and level of experience.

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Process Engineer job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Process Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer?

A standout Process Engineer job description outlines the processes the Engineer would design and the outputs from those processes. It can include specific information about the types of machinery and production principles the Engineer should be familiar with and details about the scale of your production output. If the position requires travel to different production sites, mention the locations and how often the Process Engineer would need to travel to them.

For industries with specialist production needs, be sure to include information about any additional knowledge the Process Engineer needs, such as expertise in pharmaceutical production processes.

Job Description Examples

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