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How To Write a Programmer Analyst Job Description Sample

A Programmer Analyst, or Systems Analyst Programmer, writes, changes, integrates, and tests computer programs for an organization. A Programmer Analyst’s primary responsibilities include preparing documentation on development and analysis projects, writing code in a variety of programming languages, and developing computer programs.

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What does a Programmer Analyst do? 

A Programmer Analyst does the jobs of both a computer programmer and a systems analyst. They work to create software programs or update existing applications to fulfil an organization’s technology requirements or needs. A Programmer Analyst conducts knowledge-sharing sessions with clients to identify their specific requests. The Programmer Analyst then codes a program to meet those requirements and tests the product before the program launch. They provide troubleshooting services before, during, and after launch where required. A Programmer Analyst also creates thorough training and user documentation for the new program or application.

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Programmer Analyst Job Description Examples:

Programmer Analyst duties and responsibilities

Programmer Analysts perform work to meet organizational needs through the development and implementation of new software programs and applications. Duties and responsibilities of a Programmer Analyst may include: 

  • Working with IT departments, company managers, and clients to develop, maintain, and test computer programs
  • Creating procedures to best design, write, test, debug, troubleshoot, and maintain the source code of computer programs
  • Arranging project expectations for computer capabilities, subject matter, and programming language through requirements analysis and preparation of workflow charts
  • Providing technical support for computer applications
  • Helping to install and test software during project rollouts
  • Assisting in the definition, development, and documentation of client requirements, objectives, and deliverables on a project-by-project basis
  • Researching, identifying, analyzing, and fulfilling requirements of internal and external program users
  • Administering critical analysis of test results and delivering solutions as needed

Programmer Analyst skills and qualifications

A successful Programmer Analyst has various prerequisite skills and qualifications required for the duties performed in this job. Some of these may include: 

  • Excellent understanding of coding methods and best practices
  • Ability to interview end-users for insight on software functionality, interface problems, and usability issues
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable regarding client needs and technology
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to research software-related issues and products
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-stress environment

Programmer Analyst experience requirements

When reviewing resumes for a Programmer Analyst, look for an applicant with at least two years of experience working in similar roles, such as a computer programmer, or with knowledge and application of related software programs. A successful applicant should also have experience working with a variety of coding languages such as RPG ILE, SQL, CL, DDS, or XML. A good Programmer Analyst has experience working with database interfaces such as MySQL or IBM query.

Programmer Analyst training and education

Programmer Analyst candidates need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in areas such as computer science or software engineering from an accredited university. An ideal candidate may also have a graduate certificate in computer programming from an accredited college program. Completing an internship or other type of practicum study program in a related field may also be beneficial.

Programmer Analyst salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Programmer Analyst in Canada is $72,808 per year. The salary can vary depending on experience, location, or the company that is hiring.

Job descriptions for similar roles

If a Programmer Analyst is not exactly what you are looking for, other descriptions include: 

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Programmer Analyst job description FAQs

What should you look for in a Programmer Analyst's resume?

When reviewing resumes for a Programmer Analyst, it’s important to look for someone who has experience working with the kind of computer software or programs your company uses. A successful Programmer Analyst applicant has experience with and knowledge of current computer and internet technologies such as HTTP, Apache, XML, or HTML. Proficiency in programming languages, and database and systems applications such as SQL query or DBMS is an asset. If the applicant is a recent graduate, look for someone with a degree in computer science, computer application, computer engineering, computer information systems, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, or other related fields.

How do you make your Programmer Analyst job description unique?

The best way to make a Programmer Analyst job description unique from other listings is to be specific about the type of computer languages applicants must use for the role. If your Program Analysts communicate or work with specific teams in the organization, be sure to mention those types of interactions. Additionally, if the role requires on-call or standby hours, inform candidates so they understand the exact requirements of the role. Finally, including the salary is beneficial, so candidates know the value that you put on that role within the company.

Job Description Examples

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