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Mechanic Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Mechanic, or Auto Mechanic, is an expert who conducts maintenance and inspections on vehicles to ensure they are in proper working order to the owner’s satisfaction. Their duties include making repairs, conducting safety inspections, and keeping an accurate log of all the work performed.

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Mechanic duties and responsibilities

Mechanics have quite a few duties and responsibilities in their daily work. Essential duties can include:

  • Diagnose and repair automotive issues
  • Talk with clients to discover problems with their vehicles
  • Keep track of work performed with accurate records
  • Prepare quotes and estimates of work cost
  • Clean and maintain equipment and tools
  • Abide by safety policies and procedures
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Mechanic Job Description Examples:

What does a Mechanic do?

Mechanics are responsible for the professional upkeep of vehicles. This can take on many forms. A Mechanic can handle relatively simple tasks, like an oil change or tire rotation, while also being expected to tackle more difficult jobs, like brake or engine mount replacements. Typically, they work as part of a team of Mechanics. They are also expected to properly maintain their tools and equipment to keep them working well. Essentially, they’re required to take care of anything that has an immediate impact on them being able to provide adequate service to vehicles.

Mechanic skills and qualifications

Necessary skills for a Mechanic position are extensive, requiring a wide variety of abilities that all work together. Some important skills and qualifications include:

  • Inspecting vehicles and identifying faults
  • Customer service and active listening skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of diagnostic equipment
  • Oral and written communication skills

Mechanic experience requirements

In most cases, Mechanics are expected to have quite a bit of experience. It is not uncommon for candidates to need at least three years of related experience for a Mechanic position, as they would need proven skills. Unless the position is an apprenticeship or training program, these years of experience are a basic requirement, with some positions requiring up to a minimum of five years.

Mechanic education and training requirements

Mechanic positions typically require a combination of education and training. In terms of education, some positions require a high school diploma, but others require at least an associate degree in a field such as automotive technology. Additionally, Mechanics may need official certification to inspect vehicles in some provinces or territories. In terms of training, Mechanics will need to have participated in a co-op, an apprenticeship, or vocational training with verifiable completion.

Mechanic salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Mechanic in Canada is $30.31 per hour. Depending on the candidate’s experience, education, location, and the company itself, this rate can vary.

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Mechanic job description FAQs

What are the typical safety requirements for Mechanics?

Mechanics work in an unusual environment compared with most other jobs. For a Mechanic’s general protection, quite a few safety measures have to be taken. The machinery and tools they work with are often very loud, so using earplugs is common. Toxic gases may be present as well, so Mechanics will need to maintain proper ventilation and even use breathing apparatuses in some more extreme cases. Simply being around standard gasoline for hours at a time requires Mechanics to typically wear a standard cloth face mask over their mouth and nose when working in the garage.

Do Mechanics spend all their time in a garage?

The garage is where most of a Mechanic’s time will be spent at work, but not all of it. At times, Mechanics will also work in an office maintaining records and providing customer service. The latter can include talking to customers who visit the auto shop or talking to customers over the phone. Keep in mind that this area isn’t always a private office, but instead may be a front-desk area.

Are newcomers disadvantaged in the industry?

Just about every industry favours experience, but Mechanics are especially valued by their experience more than anything else. Experience is such an important factor when it comes to Mechanics that there’s a massive fluctuation in salaries for Mechanics with more than five years of experience and Mechanics with less. While newer Mechanics are still welcome in the industry, it is not uncommon for them to be paid far less based on experience alone.

What does it mean to be a Journeyman Mechanic?

Journeymen are Mechanics who have passed their official exams and received a Certificate of Qualification or whatever kind of credential is required from their respective province. This typically involves working as an apprentice and completing a training program at a vocational school. They have to log a certain number of hours of work as well, but the exact number of hours will vary based on the province.

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