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Operations Director Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Operations Director, or Director of Operations, is responsible for managing an organization’s day-to-day operations. Their main duties include developing and implementing operational plans to follow the company strategy, overseeing business processes such as production and finance, and analyzing operational efficiency.

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Operations Director duties and responsibilities

As Operations Directors are one of the highest level executives in their company, they have a wide range of duties based on the organization’s needs. Some of their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Develop operational plans that promote long-term success and growth
  • Work with the finance department and project managers to develop financial and budgetary plans
  • Monitor day-to-day operational systems and recommend solutions for improvement if necessary
  • Oversee customer support and retention processes, and enhance them when necessary
  • Create and implement new operational policies
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients, partners, and vendors
  • Analyze and interpret data and metrics to evaluate employee performance
  • Monitor productivity of different departments and create individual performance reviews
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Operations Director Job Description Examples:

What does an Operations Director do?

An Operations Director plays a central role in an organization to ensure everything is running smoothly. They are involved in almost every aspect of an organization. Operations Directors must create effective long-term strategies to optimize the company’s operations including production, growth, finance, and recruitment. This includes compiling a budget based on the company’s revenue and expenses, implementing efficient workflows, monitoring day-to-day operations, and managing relationships with clients and partners.

Operations Director skills and qualifications

Operations Directors need to have a strong understanding of business operations and management, so they must have the following prerequisite skills and qualifications to be successful:

  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to manage finances and budgets
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • In-depth knowledge of diverse business functions, such as evaluating metrics
  • Able to create and implement operational processes
  • Understanding of industry regulations and guidelines
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and various types of software, such as customer relationship management and data analysis software

Operations Director experience requirements

Operation Director candidates should have a minimum of 10 years of experience in an operations role or similar position. They should also have a minimum of five years’ experience in a management or leadership role in a similar industry to prepare them for the role. Like most Director positions, Operations Director candidates usually move into the role from a Senior Management position.

Operations Director education and training requirements

Operation Director candidates must have in-depth knowledge of your industry. Candidates should generally have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or a related field. You may also require your candidates to have a master’s degree in business administration or a related field. Professional certifications in operations management, supply chain management, data analysis, or personnel management are an asset for candidates.

Operations Director salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Operations Director in Canada is $90,351 per year. This salary varies based on the company, experience, and location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If this job description is not quite what you’re looking for, samples for similar positions include:

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Operations Director job description FAQs

How do you become an Operations Director?

As the Operations Director tends to be one of the highest-ranking position’s in a company, candidates usually move into the position after having several years of experience in Senior Management. Candidates moving into a Director position need to be highly experienced with a comprehensive resume that demonstrates their operational management successes.

Is it the Director of Operations or Operations Director?

Director of Operations and Operations Director are the same role, just different job titles. They can be used interchangeably, but different companies typically use one or the other when referring to the position. Here are other similar job titles you can use to refer to an Operations Director:

  • Senior Operations Director
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Senior Director of Business Operations
  • Strategy and Operations Leader
  • Director of Business Operations
  • Operations Team Lead

Who reports to an Operations Director?

Since an Operations Director has influence in all aspects of the business, many different people will report to them. People within the operations team will report to them regularly, such as Operations Assistants, Operations Analysts, Operations Specialists, Operations Engineers, and Operations Managers. Outside of the operations team, department heads and managers will also regularly report to the Operations Director, particularly when changes are being made or new processes are being implemented.

What qualities make a good Operations Director?

Operations Directors should have a number of qualities, such as strong decision-making skills and good organizational abilities. However, the most important quality to look for in an Operations Director candidate is leadership skills. Strong leadership skills help Operation Directors ensure everything is running smoothly as it allows them to lead and motivate their team effectively.

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