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Brand Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Brand Manager, or Brand Strategist, is responsible for developing a marketing and public relations strategy to advertise a company’s brand and encourage sales. Their primary duties include developing advertising campaigns, arranging media coverage of the brand, and compiling reports to assess the success of campaign and advertising strategies.

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Brand Manager duties and responsibilities

A Brand Manager is expected to perform regular tasks daily to ensure the best level of promotion for their brand. Some tasks expected of a Brand Manager in any industry include:

  • Develop and maintain good relationships with relevant media outlets and arrange interviews
  • Develop advertising campaigns with clear-cut strategies and goals
  • Manage a marketing team
  • Promote the brand, product, or service via email, print, broadcast, or other forms of promotion
  • Act as a representative of the brand in professional settings
  • Create and distribute reports with analytical data about each campaign strategy used
  • Plan and organize publicity events
  • Perform regular surveys to learn more about what their clientele is looking for
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Brand Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Brand Manager do?

A Brand Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy that maximizes the brand’s exposure and increases its profitability. They oversee a team of marketing professionals and ensure the team effectively follows the strategy, and advertises the company well. The Brand Manager also communicates with media contacts regularly and maintains a good relationship with them to make future promotional strategies even easier to roll out. They report all data associated with their campaigns to show how much the brand has gained from each specific campaign.

Brand Manager skills and qualifications

A successful Brand Manager candidate has the necessary skills and qualifications to effectively promote and represent the company. Some of the common skills required include:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of social media and other promotional platforms
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent reporting and analytical skills
  • Excellent knowledge of digital technology and software programs
  • Excellent leadership skills

Brand Manager experience requirements

As a management position, a Brand Manager needs significant experience in marketing and public relations. Look for candidates with several years of experience as an Assistant Brand Manager or Marketing Specialist. Evidence of project management, supervision, or leadership experience is extremely valuable and necessary for successful Brand Managers.

Brand Manager education and training requirements

Brand Managers need a degree in marketing, advertising, business, public relations, communications, journalism, or a related field. Candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are preferred, as they have an in-depth understanding of concepts like economics and the market. Look for candidates who are confident and comfortable public speaking, and can exemplify their communication skills.

Brand Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Brand Manager salary in Canada is $63,446 per year. Salaries will vary based on factors such as geographical location, size and type of industry, and level of experience.

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Brand Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Brand Manager and a Brand Ambassador?

A good Brand Manager has an outgoing personality. They are likable and easy to talk to. A good candidate for this position is someone who understands people well and is very good at communicating with different personality types. Look for a candidate who is open, friendly, and confident.

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