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Store Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Store Assistant, also known as a Store Associate, rents, sells, or leases services and products to customers. Their duties include using cash registers, suggesting products, and reminding potential buyers about the benefits of choosing their employer.

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Store Assistant duties and responsibilities

Store Assistants explain pricing and how to use and maintain products. They also help conduct inventories and set up store displays. The duties and responsibilities in a Store Assistant job description may include:

  • Answering questions from customers
  • Operating or repairing equipment
  • Packaging or bagging products for customers
  • Using software to record sales, customer shipping, contact information, and other data
  • Calculating billing amounts and creating invoices or receipts
  • Sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, and performing similar tasks
  • Informing customers about financing options, return policies, and other details
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Store Assistant Job Description Examples:

What does a Store Assistant do?

Store Assistants help customers make transactions, keep stores clean, restock inventory, answer questions, and address customer complaints. A good Store Assistant can help a company keep sales high by maintaining relationships with existing customers and attracting new ones. They can work with individuals or businesses in many different industries. Store Assistants can work in a variety of places including spas, grocery stores, clothing stores, car dealerships, and auto repair shops. They can work full-time or part-time hours, and they sometimes help train new team members.

Store Assistant skills and qualifications

Successful Store Assistants are friendly, courteous, and professional. They can work successfully with a variety of people and personality types. They can also make transactions easy for customers while adapting quickly to any unexpected obstacles. The top skills and qualifications for Store Assistants include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Knowledge of the products or services the company sells and the industry that the company works in
  • An understanding of any laws or regulations that apply to the business and products
  • An understanding of basic math and how the employer calculates charges, fees, or interest
  • The ability to lift heavy boxes, climb ladders to reach high shelves, and take care of other physical tasks
  • The ability to stand for long periods

Store Assistant experience requirements

Store Assistant candidates with some experience in a similar job are preferable, but previous experience isn’t usually required. Many people start their careers as Store Assistants or fill the position while they are students.

Store Assistant education and training requirements

Some Store Assistant jobs require a secondary school degree or a GED, and some prefer candidates with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree related to the industry the business is in. The amount of training needed depends on the industry, and people working with specialized equipment or costly items usually need more education. On-the-job training is normally required, and Store Assistants will need to update their knowledge about company regulations, products, and services regularly.

Store Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Store Assistant in Canada is $14.77 per hour. Pay rates for individuals can vary depending on locations, experience, skills, education levels, and employers.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Store Assistant isn’t exactly what your business is searching for, here are some similar job description samples that could suit your needs:

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Store Assistant job description FAQs

What is a typical day like for a Store Assistant?

Store Assistants can work at any time of day or night, but most work during the day during normal retail hours. Store Assistants work in retail or wholesale stores where they serve people in person. They keep the store looking neat and welcoming when there are no customers, and they serve them quickly when they arrive. Some places get a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, and others are busiest at certain times. Most Store Assistants work only in one location, but some can temporarily replace employees at other locations if someone needs time off or the store has an unexpected absence.

Who does a Store Assistant report to?

Store Assistants report to Store Managers, Owners, General Managers, Assistant Managers, or Shift Supervisors. They help take care of tasks when other employees request assistance, helping the store run efficiently and serve customers quickly.

What makes a good Store Assistant job description?

To create an appealing, effective Store Assistant job description, include an overview of the company, and its culture, values, and history. Discuss the industry that the company works in, the products or services it provides, and the types of customers it serves most. Also, mention any benefits that come with the position, such as employee discounts or flexible hours. Also, mention the experience, skills, and training a new Store Assistant needs and the location where the new employee will work. Describe any uniforms or dress codes, and let potential employees know if they can expect a clothing or uniform allowance.

Job Description Examples

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