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Lifeguard Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Lifeguard, or Swim Attendant, is responsible for ensuring the safety of people swimming at a beach or in a swimming pool and providing life-saving rescues when necessary. Their duties include supervising swimmers, enforcing safety rules, and saving people in emergency situations.

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Lifeguard duties and responsibilities

Lifeguards have to stay sharp while working and stay on the lookout for possible medical emergencies. There are primary duties and responsibilities that every Lifeguard must be able to accomplish, including:

  • Supervising swimming activities, whether at a pool, beach, or other swimming areas
  • Ensuring all swimming guidelines are being followed
  • Warning swimmers of the dangers of disobeying safety policies
  • Evaluating the safety of equipment and the water
  • Administering life-saving actions when necessary in emergency situations
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Lifeguard Job Description Examples:

What does a Lifeguard do?

Lifeguards keep swimmers safe at a pool, beach, lake, water park, and other aquatic areas by enforcing the rules and rescuing people in emergencies. They’re prepared to save swimmers from drowning and perform First Aid and CPR as needed. Additionally, Lifeguards inspect safety equipment and sometimes double as swimming instructors or pool cleaners. Lifeguards need to maintain their physical fitness to swim quickly and support other people in rescue situations.

Lifeguard skills and qualifications

Successful Lifeguards need many skills to perform their duties effectively, including:

  • Ability to swim in several water conditions and temperatures
  • Knowledge of water quality and how to test water conditions
  • Knowledge of general safety guidelines, in and out of the water
  • Ability to perform life-saving procedures, like CPR, injury treatment, and water rescue
  • Ability to enforce the rules of swimming areas
  • Effective verbal communication

Lifeguard experience requirements

For the most part, Lifeguarding doesn’t require any prior work experience. Instead, candidates must show proficiency in their skills and showcase certifications. These certifications require candidates to develop plenty of experience swimming and practicing rescues. For busy pools or beaches with challenging swimming conditions, you may prefer to hire a Lifeguard with two to three years of experience. As long as candidates can demonstrate their ability to handle emergencies and are familiar with life-saving protocols, they can learn everything else on the job.

Lifeguard education and training requirements

Formal education isn’t required to work as a Lifeguard. People aged 16 and older often apply to work as a Lifeguard over the summer or part-time during their education. However, when it comes to training, nationally recognized certification is crucial. Candidates need First Aid training, and to complete the Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, and National Lifeguard programs. These certifications prepare candidates to handle emergency situations with confidence and give them the knowledge they need to perform CPR, assist with rescues, and identify the signs of common medical emergencies.

Lifeguard salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Lifeguard in Canada is $17.25 per hour. Actual rates will vary based on experience, location, and employer.

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Lifeguard job description FAQs

What additional certifications are available for Lifeguards?

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to work as a Lifeguard. Candidates can complete their Bronze Cross certification from age 13, and their National Lifeguard certification from age 15 to prepare for the role. It’s important to identify if you’re seeking a candidate with previous Lifeguard experience. This is especially true if the position is for a Head Lifeguard or a senior employee that manages other Lifeguards.

What is the age requirement for a Lifeguard?

Above all else, a Lifeguard needs to be attentive and observant. It’s their job to supervise swimmers and notice things that others might miss. Lifeguards need to identify signs of drowning or distress and other medical emergencies in the water and on dry land. Compassion and empathy are necessary qualities as well. Candidates need to be confident, physically fit, and should be able to make quick decisions. They need to be strong swimmers, and capable of sitting in the sun for long periods.

Job Description Examples

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