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Investment Banker Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Investment Banker, also known as a Banker or Personal Banker,  helps individuals and companies raise capital by buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other securities. Their duties include building long-term relationships with investors to understand their financial goals. They also complete customer’s buy and sell investment orders, such as stocks or mutual funds, and monitor financial portfolios.

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Investment Banker duties and responsibilities

An Investment Banker works on behalf of their clients to invest and raise capital through the profit of buying and selling securities, and other investment products. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an Investment Banker may include:

  • Create and analyze investment strategies for individuals investors, banks, trust companies, and other financial institutions
  • Create long-term relationships with investors to develop financial goals
  • Research various financial publications, stock and bond reports, and other financial periodicals to determine trends and movement of investments
  • Complete customer requests to buy and sell stocks, bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds, and other securities
  • Manage and monitor investment portfolios of clients, and provide advice and guidance based on performance
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Investment Banker Job Description Examples:

What does an Investment Banker do?

Financial companies typically employ Investment Bankers to analyze, evaluate, and complete the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, and other investments for private or corporate clients. They may specialize in one particular area, such as mutual funds, or cover a range of different products. Often an Investment Banker is employed with an investment company, a brokerage firm, or stock exchange.

An Investment Bankers’ day-to-day duties include a wide range of activities, such as meeting with potential clients, reviewing financial reports and documents, completing buying and selling transactions, and providing portfolio growth presentations.

Investment Banker skills and qualifications

A successful Investment Banker has exceptional analytical skills for financial and economic outcomes. They must remain up-to-date on investment opportunities for their clients, and understand trends and financial predictions. Strong interpersonal skills are essential to working within a team, as well as individually with clients. Top skills for Investment Bankers include:

  • Ability to analyze economic information and project outcomes of financial investments
  • Strong communication skills to develop relationships with investors
  • Desire to build a network within the financial industry to maintain skills and training
  • Research and analytical skills to determine the financial risk of products
  • Ability to maintain licensing within the province of operation
  • Ability to maintain the highest ethical, legal, and regulatory standards

Investment Banker experience requirements

A strong foundation and knowledge in stocks, bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds, foreign currency, and other securities are beneficial for all Investment Banker positions. Experience within an investment company, stock brokerage firm, or another financial institution is generally a standard requirement for the role. A successful Investment Banker usually has experience dealing with private investors, banks, pension fund managers, trust companies, and insurance firms.

Investment Banker education and training requirements

An Investment Banker typically requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business, finance, or another related discipline such as accounting. To sell securities as a representative or broker, the candidate must hold a licence granted by the relevant provincial securities commission. The candidate must also have federal licensing by completing both the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and the Registered Representative Manual Exam offered by the Canadian Securities Institute.

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Investment Banker job description FAQs

What qualities make for a good Investment Banker?

One of the critical things to look for in a resume when hiring an Investment Banker is whether they have proper training to secure a licence within the province or territory where they will be working. Other things to consider are the success of the previous financial portfolios they managed, the clients they represented, and the types of financial products they have experience with.

Job Description Examples

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