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Quality Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Quality Manager, also known as a Quality Assurance Manager, is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the products or services a company manufactures or offers to ensure they meet high standards. Quality Managers are often expected to carry out regular inspections of production sites, conduct statistical analyses to identify problems, communicate effectively with production or service personnel to make improvements, and prepare reports for senior management.

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Quality Manager duties and responsibilities

Quality Managers have a wide range of duties, from report writing to conducting inspections. A Quality Manager is expected to measure the quality of products or services against industry-specific standards, use statistical analyses to determine how regularly these standards are met, and ensure products or services comply with relevant federal or provincial legislation. A Quality Manager may be expected to:

  • Inspect products or services to determine whether they meet quality standards
  • Write detailed reports to explain their results to production managers and corporate leadership
  • Hold meetings with production or service managers to gather detailed information about company procedures and practices
  • Review company procedures and practices to ensure they comply with local, provincial, and federal regulations
  • Attend meetings with senior management to report on and discuss quality control issues
  • Train employees to meet quality standards in all areas of the production process
  • Monitor finished products to confirm their compliance with quality standards and remove those which fail to comply
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Quality Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Quality Manager do?

Quality Managers play a crucial part in making sure that a company’s products or services meet the standards expected by customers. They can also help a business improve its procedures, work more efficiently, and identify problems that need to be addressed.

Quality Managers will carry out regular inspections to determine whether product or service standards are being met. They will also hold meetings with manufacturing or service managers to gain more information about day-to-day operations.

Quality Manager skills and qualifications

A Quality Manager should be familiar with legal requirements in their industry, have excellent knowledge of business management, and experience in production management. Main skills and qualifications required by a Quality Manager are:

  • Ability to gather and analyze data about the company’s products or services
  • Understanding the production process or type of service provided by the company
  • Knowledge of local, provincial, and federal regulations related to their industry
  • Ability to prepare concise and informative reports that summarize their key findings
  • Ability to communicate with other employees about quality standards and how to achieve them
  • Ability to manage a busy work schedule with a variety of tasks and deadlines

Quality Manager experience requirements

A Quality Manager will typically have three to five years experience in quality control, production, or service management. They will also have experience in compiling and writing reports, and carrying out statistical analyses. A good Quality Manager will feel confident about communicating with others, including in situations where they must provide advice or guidance on how to meet quality standards.

Quality Manager education and training requirements

Quality Managers are generally expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in a subject like business management, data analysis, or science. A Master’s degree may be advantageous for senior Quality Manager positions. Those with a Master’s degree may benefit from more detailed knowledge of data analysis and product testing methods.

Quality management professionals in Canada can obtain a professional certification with the American Society for Quality. Colleges and technical institutes, like the British Columbia Institute of Technology or Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, also offer professional certification for quality assurance and control managers.

Quality Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Quality Assurance Manager in Canada is $68,872 per year. Salary can vary depending on the size of the company, experience of the manager, and location of the job.

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Quality Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Quality Manager and a Quality Control Manager?

These job titles can usually be used interchangeably to describe the same role within a company. However, a Quality Control Manager may suggest that the manager is primarily responsible for carrying out specific procedures related to controlling the manufacturing process to ensure product standards.

What should you look for in an outstanding Quality Manager resume?

The ideal candidate for a Quality Manager position should be able to demonstrate they have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Their resume should describe previous work experience in quality control or production management, include a reference to a relevant degree, and demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively and provide guidance to others.

Does a Quality Manager need to have a background in your industry?

This will depend on the specific legal and regulatory requirements of your company. If your business has to comply with detailed product specifications and legal requirements, a Quality Manager with extensive industry knowledge would be advantageous. However, quality assurance methods are often transferrable from one sector to another, meaning that a highly qualified candidate can bring valuable work experience from a different business environment.

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