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Quality Inspector Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Quality Inspector, or Quality Control Inspector, establishes the standards of production and ensures that procedures are set to achieve quality standards. Their duties include preparing documents outlining the standards of operation, providing them to employees, and working with managers to enact and maintain new standards.

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Quality Inspector duties and responsibilities

Some of the top duties and responsibilities of Quality Inspectors include: 

  • Performing routine quality assessments on incoming materials and outgoing services and products
  • Looking through plans, blueprints, and specifications to understand the design requirements of products
  • Measuring product dimensions, examining the functionality of products, and comparing the final products to see if standards are met
  • Recommending product improvements and changes to the production processes to improve quality
  • Documenting inspection findings, and completing detailed reports and performance records
  • Educating the production team on quality control processes, concerns, and standards of product quality
  • Keeping their job knowledge up-to-date by participating in educational opportunities and reading technical publications
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment by complying with legal regulations
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Quality Inspector Job Description Examples:

What does a Quality Inspector do? 

Quality Inspectors assist organizations to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing the risk of losing customers due to faulty or failed products. They must inspect all incoming materials and outgoing products and inventory in an organization. Quality Inspectors also assist in improving management and work processes which increase productivity and efficiency.

Quality Inspectors conduct tests, perform measurements and supervise the production processes. They may reject products and materials that don’t meet their quality standards. Since every organization has unique product specifications, sizes, and design, Quality Inspectors must ensure their product specifications are met.

Quality Inspector skills and qualifications

Top skills and qualifications that Quality Inspectors need to succeed include: 

  • Thorough understanding of quality control standards and testing techniques
  • Physical stamina to stand for long periods of time and the ability to use specialized tools and machinery to test products
  • Excellent math and computer skills necessary for measuring, calibrating, and calculating specifications
  • Intelligence to assess and identify damaged parts and products during the manufacturing process
  • In-depth understanding to interpret blueprints, technical documents, and manuals to ensure that products meet the standards
  • Keen eye for details, thoroughness, and accuracy while performing a task
  • Problem-solving mentality and a results-driven approach
  • Ability to use quality testing machines, tools, and systems

Quality Inspector experience requirements

Quality Inspectors need at least two to five years experience in quality assurance for this role. They must have experience working with quality control techniques such as six sigma and with measuring devices such as meters, gauges, and calipers. Candidates with additional experience with raw materials, quality control standards, and testing techniques have an advantage. Additional experience programming and operating complex machinery and utilizing software applications can play a vital role in the inspection of automated systems.

Quality Inspector education and training requirements

Minimum education requirements for quality Inspectors often depend on the industry and organization. Some jobs may only require candidates to have a high school diploma. In contrast, others may require candidates to have college diplomas or university degrees in food engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, or other related fields to the industry. Candidates with certificates for quality inspection, quality control engineering, calibration techniques, or calibration auditing can also qualify for the position.

Quality Inspector salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Quality inspector in Canada is $67,961 per year. This value is dependent on location, experience, education, and company.

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Quality Inspector job description FAQs

What are the different types of Quality Inspectors?

There are three main types of Quality Inspectors, including Pre-production, In-line, and Final Product Quality inspectors. Pre-production Quality Inspectors inspect raw materials before they enter the production stage. In-line Quality Inspectors often perform additional inspections during various stages of production, while Final Product Quality Inspectors test products before they are packaged for sale.

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