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Janitor Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Janitor, or Maintenance Worker, is an individual responsible for maintaining cleanliness both inside and outside of a building. Their most important duties include cleaning flooring and carpets, emptying trash, and sanitizing restrooms.

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What does a Janitor do?

The Janitor is responsible for maintaining a clean and presentable building, both inside and outside. They are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas, removing snow, emptying trash, making minor repairs as needed, and tending to the grounds of the establishment. The Janitor may also tend to the grass or plants outside the building, sanitize restrooms, and keep entrances clear. They are often also responsible for performing routine checks of ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems, and other essential services.

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Janitor Job Description Examples:

Janitor duties and responsibilities

There are many duties and responsibilities required of a Janitor, regardless of the establishment they are working for. Some common duties of a Janitor include:

  • Sweep, vacuum, wax, and mop the floor
  • Sanitize restrooms
  • Empty trash, recycling, and compost
  • Clear snow in the winter and tend to grass in summer
  • Wash windows, inside and outside
  • Maintain ventilation system and complete minor repairs as needed
  • Make sure the establishment is clean and meets all safety requirements
  • Wash walls, ceilings, and light fixtures regularly

Janitor skills and qualifications

A successful Janitor candidate will have the skills and qualifications to maintain a building safely. Some common skills and qualifications a Janitor in any establishment may need include:

  • Ability to operate industrial cleaning equipment or snow removal equipment
  • Skills to make minor repairs (drywall repair, paint restorations, etc.)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Ability to keep an organized record of cleaning supply inventory
  • Ability to perform maintenance checks on the ventilation system
  • Problem-solving skills

Janitor experience requirements

Previous work experience specifically in a Janitor role is not always necessary. Any experience that demonstrates the candidate is hard-working, respectful of safety regulations, and attentive to detail is considered an asset. In the case of a Head Janitor role, experience is generally required, as they will be overseeing a team of Janitors.

Janitor education and training requirements

In most provinces, no certification is required. In some cases, a high school diploma may be required. In Quebec and British Columbia, Janitors must receive their Industrial Cleaning Operator certification from Emploi Québec, and Building Maintenance Worker certification from the Industry Training Authority British Columbia, respectively, to qualify for employment as a Janitor.

Janitor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average hourly rate for a Janitor is $16.27. This will vary based on experience, type of industry, size of the establishment, and location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If this job description is not exactly what you’re looking for, some similar job descriptions include:

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Janitor job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Janitor and a Custodian?

Both Janitors and Custodians are responsible for looking after a building. The exact requirements of the job vary and sometimes cross over, but the main difference is in the daily tasks. Typically, a Janitor follows the same cleaning regiment daily. They generally complete their tasks during off-hours, like the evening or early morning, and have a routine of sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. A Custodian is similar but is available throughout the day to clean unexpected messes, and is responsible for minor repairs like painting, changing light bulbs, and equipment maintenance.

What makes a good Janitor job description?

A good Janitor job description will include a complete list of responsibilities and requirements. The job description should include the exact tasks that will be required, along with the required hours. The description should also include the type of building to maintain, the size and number of individuals in the building, the number of bathrooms, entrances and kitchens, and a detailed description of how often each of these locations needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. To make your job description stand out, consider adding any details that prospective employees may find interesting, like a competitive salary or additional benefits.  

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