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Teacher Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Teacher, or an Educator, is responsible for relaying knowledge to students by guiding activities according to the teaching curriculum. Their duties include communicating with students, as well as parents or guardians regarding student progress and development, grading tests, quizzes, and assignments, and developing educational lesson plans.

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Teacher duties and responsibilities

To excel in their role, a Teacher must be successful at engaging students’ interests to ensure they successfully learn and digest important school subjects. They should also successfully monitor their students’ progress to adjust their teaching style according to the learning habits of students. Some duties and responsibilities Teachers typically hold include:

  • Educating students based on Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines
  • Administering homework and assignments to gauge and enhance the students’ levels of understanding
  • Preparing, administering, supervising, and grading examinations, quizzes, and other assignments
  • Educating students on following a school’s moral codes and behaviours
  • Planning and organizing academic events and activities, both in and outside of school property
  • Keeping the classroom neat, organized, and orderly
  • Create and distribute progress reports to both students and parents
  • Conduct parent-teacher conferences to discuss a student’s progress
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Teacher Job Description Examples:

What does a Teacher do?

The job description of a teacher varies from one institution to another. Generally, they prepare lesson plans and educate students at different education levels. A Teacher must typically be able to instruct students in a variety of subjects and develop engaging lesson plans to reach their pupils effectively. They can be trained to teach subjects in areas centered around numeracy and literacy, craftsmanship, or life skills. Their formal teaching tasks include assessing the progress of their students, delivering educational lectures, and developing lesson plans based on a designated curriculum.

Teacher skills and qualifications

Due to the demanding nature of their work, which involves educating students from different backgrounds, capabilities, and beliefs, a Teacher must possess some essential skills to successfully interact and engage with each individual student. A strong Teacher candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for their duties, including:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong creativity skills that will engage students and make learning enjoyable
  • Strong dedication to their work with a great desire for the success of their students
  • Proven ability to draw lesson plans, organize academic activities, and maintain an organized class
  • Strong emotional control skills when handling sensitive issues
  • A keen eye to monitor their students’ progress and note changes in behaviours or attitudes
  • Ability to lead and form a bond with students, parents, colleagues, and other staff members
  • Excellent critical thinking skills with the ability to answer difficult questions, solve conflicts, and design new lesson plans

Teacher experience requirements

Most employers require Elementary School Teachers to have experience working with children, preferably in a teaching, substitute teaching, or assistant teaching role. Middle and High School Teachers should have work experience teaching or assistant teaching the subjects they’re hired to instruct. Many teachers may also need experience using basic presentation and lecturing tools, such as PowerPoint presentations, printers, and projectors.

Teacher education and training requirements

The entry-level educational requirements for a Teacher are a bachelor’s degree in education, arts, sciences, or humanities. The candidate must also have a teaching licence in order to teach in private or public schools.

Teacher salary and expectations

According to Indeed salaries, the average pay for a Teacher in Canada is $22.90 per hour. This figure varies depending on schools, level of qualification, and districts.

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Teacher job description FAQs

What qualifications should you look for in a candidate's resume?

A candidate must have undergone formal training in a recognized institution and issued with a licence issued by the Ministry of Education that grants them permission to legally teach in their specific area and subject matter. The candidate must also have experience working in a teaching environment interacting with students. Impressive entry-level Teacher candidates with limited teaching experience may list related work experience, like serving as a Camp Counselor, Child Care Worker, or Tutor.

What is a typical day for a Teacher?

A Teacher should be able to create a lesson plan, prepare for their lessons in advance, arrive at school early, attend classes, assign assignments and homework, and mark completed assignments. They’ll also supervise and manage students in co-curriculum activities, like the school newspaper, student council, or a spelling bee.

What settings do Teachers typically work in?

Normally, a Teacher would spend most of their time in the classroom with the students. Out of class, they spend their time in the staff room with colleagues. Occasionally, they also spend time with parents during general meetings or during a disciplinary panel session. Additionally, a Teacher often attends workshops and training to advance their teaching styles and knowledge of certain subjects.

Job Description Examples

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