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Security Guard Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Security Guard protects establishments from theft and property damage, and maintains control over who enters and exits the establishment or event. The main responsibilities of a Security Guard are to protect the establishment; apprehend anyone who poses a threat to the establishment, event, or people; and ensure all civilians are safe at all times.

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Security Guard duties and responsibilities

A Security Guard ensures the safety of their designated area and report unlawful acts to local authorities. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a Security Guard include:

  • Spot or prevent thefts
  • Detain anyone suspected of theft, vandalism, or violence
  • Patrol designated areas to verify any unlawful activity
  • Ensure all safety measures are in place to protect the establishment and patrons
  • Maintain a safe environment by performing routine security checks
  • Protect sensitive materials that are being shipped
  • Verify the identification of patrons to make sure they are in compliance with the law (if the establishment or event requires patrons to be of legal age)
  • Report any criminal acts to local law enforcement
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Security Guard Job Description Examples:

What does a Security Guard do?

Security Guards ensure the property or event they are guarding remains in safe condition. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the individuals within the building or at the event, for catching thieves or vandals and reporting them to local authorities, and for patrolling assigned areas to maintain peace and order. Armoured Car Guards are required to protect cash that is being transported and must carry a firearm. Corporate Security Officers must complete an investigation if an incident occurs within a corporate building they’re guarding.

Security Guard skills and qualifications

A successful Security Guard should possess the skills and qualifications to provide protection and deter possible criminals from targeting the establishment or the patrons within. Some of the skills and qualifications for a good Security Guard candidate include:

  • Strong surveillance skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Comfortable in confrontational situations
  • Possesses the physical abilities and resilience to protect themselves as well as the establishment and patrons
  • Has a strong sense of justice
  • Strong interviewing skills
  • Can operate surveillance system software

Security Guard experience requirements

A Security Guard does not require experience at the entry level. However, the more senior the position (e.g., Armoured Guard, etc.), the more experience the candidate should have. Experience in law enforcement is considered an asset.

Security Guard education and training requirements

Security licensing is a requirement. If the position requires the Security Guard to carry a firearm, they must be licensed to use it.

Security Guard salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Security Guard salary is $16.45 per hour per hour. The amount varies based on the level of experience, location, and type of industry. Varying responsibilities of Security Guards may also determine the pay scale.

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Security Guard job description FAQs

What is the Difference Between a Security Guard and an Armoured Guard?

A Security Guard does not always have a weapon, and is responsible for protecting establishments from theft or property damage. An Armoured Guard escorts an Armoured Car while cash is delivered to and collected from businesses, banks and ATMs. The Armoured Guard has a specific task and a very rigid set of rules to abide by, and they are required to carry a firearm. A Security Guard is focused on spotting trouble and preventing unlawful acts whenever possible for everyone’s safety.

What makes a Security Guard job description stand out?

A Security Guard candidate is taking on a risky job. Be sure to mention all of the benefits offered. You should also keep the job description short, but very precise. List everything they will be required to do, along with compensation.

What should you look for in a Security Guard resume?

You should look for all the necessary certifications to ensure the candidate is legally able to work as a Security Guard. Depending the level of security clearance needed, you may want to look for someone with experience. Also look for qualities that reflect their communication skills and passion for justice.

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