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Sales Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Sales Consultant, or a Retail Sales Consultant, helps a company meet sales goals and expand its customer base. Their duties include suggesting products to customers, offering upgrades, and reminding people about the benefits of doing business with the company they represent.

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Sales Consultant duties and responsibilities

Sales Consultants teach people about the benefits of their company’s products and services. They also explain pricing and facilitate sales once customers decide to purchase. Duties and responsibilities in a Sales Consultant job description may include:

  • Researching ways to penetrate new markets
  • Assembling product displays
  • Answering questions from employees and making suggestions to improve productivity
  • Meeting with Marketers, Product Developers, or Executives to help create sales strategies
  • Using software to record sales, customer contact and shipping information, and other data
  • Calculating bill amounts and creating bills or invoices
  • Informing customers about how they should maintain products, financing options, and other details
  • Preparing products for purchase, lease, or rental
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Sales Consultant Job Description Examples:

What does a Sales Consultant do?

Sales Consultants sell products or services to individuals or businesses. They work in a variety of industries at stores, warehouses, or call centres. Some Sales Consultants make business trips to meet clients interested in making large purchases. They often train team members and help Marketers implement sales promotions. They also answer questions and deal with complaints from customers. Many companies depend on Sales Consultants to keep sales high, maintain relationships with existing clients or customers, and attract new ones.

Sales Consultant skills and qualifications

Successful Sales Consultants are friendly, polite, persuasive, and professional. They can work with a variety of people and personalities while adapting quickly to unexpected obstacles. Some top skills and qualifications for Sales Consultants include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good time management and attention to detail
  • Extensive knowledge of products or services the company sells and the industry overall
  • Ability to analyze and interpret sales statistics and other information
  • Ability to use cash registers or software to complete sales
  • Basic math skills and knowledge of how the employer calculates charges, fees, and interest rates
  • Understanding of psychology and common sales strategies to help customers

Sales Consultant experience requirements

Looks for a Sales Consultant with at least a year of full-time sales experience, preferably in the same industry as your business. When filling vacancies for more junior positions, you can consider candidates with customer service experience if they don’t yet have any sales experience. Candidates with strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude can gain experience with sales strategies on the job.

Sales Consultant education and training requirements

Sales Consultants generally require a high school diploma or GED,. For more specialized industries or technical products, you may prefer someone with a relevant associate or bachelor’s degree. Successful Sales Consultants with majors in marketing, communication, business administration, or a related field are well-prepared for the role. You may choose to provide on-the-job training to onboard successful candidates and keep existing Sales Consultants up to date on company products, services, and regulations.

Sales Consultant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Sales Consultant is $63,817 per year. Individual pay levels depend on the candidate’s level of education, the required experience, the company, and the location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Sales Consultant isn’t exactly what your company is searching for, some similar job description samples include:

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Sales Consultant job description FAQs

What's a typical day like for a Sales Consultant?

A good Sales Consultant job description includes an overview of the company or brand, and specific details about the products or services sold by your business. Mention benefits that come with the position like employee discounts or rewards and recognition programs for meeting and exceeding sales targets. Describe whether candidates will work as part of a sales team or independently. It’s also beneficial to highlight specific qualities you’re looking for, like interpersonal and customer service skills. Include details about whether potential Sales Consultants will work in a call centre, travelling to visit customers at home, or working in a retail store.

Job Description Examples

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