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Marketing Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Marketing Specialist, or Marketing Expert, is responsible for helping to promote a company or brand using various marketing tactics. The main responsibilities of a Marketing Specialist include supporting the development and management of marketing campaigns, helping to develop creative materials for marketing campaigns, and analyzing the effectiveness of those campaigns .

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What does a Marketing Specialist do?

A Marketing Specialist works within the marketing department to help figure out ways to promote the company to a specific audience. A Marketing Specialist will typically perform a competitive analysis to determine what marketing tactics their competitors are using. Marketing Specialists may also attend events or seminars to represent the organization.

Marketing Specialists may also be responsible for overseeing the company’s social media pages. This may include writing posts, putting together analytical reviews, and implementing social media advertising campaigns. Marketing Specialists will work with other members of the marketing team such as SEO Specialists, Website Analytics Specialists, Design Specialists, or others to help ensure successful marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Specialist Job Description Examples:

Marketing Specialist duties and responsibilities

When writing a job description for a Marketing Specialist, it is important to specify the duties and responsibilities required to excel in the role, including: 

  • Working cross-functionally to devise and implement marketing campaigns
  • Collecting data on marketing campaigns
  • Planning and coordinating seasonal promotions, events, or information sessions
  • Ensuring all information on social media is up-to-date and accurate
  • Building and developing relationships with key business stakeholders
  • Leveraging analytics and competitive analysis to help create new campaigns
  • Ensuring ongoing communication with managers and other department leads
  • Supporting the optimization of marketing channels and ROI

Marketing Specialist skills and qualifications

A successful Marketing Specialist will need many skills and qualifications for the job. Some of these may include: 

  • Ability to work well with a team and as an individual contributor
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong project management skills and ability to manage multiple projects at once
  • Results-oriented with the ability to identify forward-thinking techniques to achieve revenue goals
  • Ability to learn new technologies or strategies quickly

Marketing Specialist experience requirements

Candidates who have previous experience working within a marketing department may be preferred, with typically two to three years on average. Experience can be in the form of an internship, or as a Marketing Assistant or as a Marketing Coordinator.

Marketing Specialist training and education

When searching through resumes, look for job applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, communications, or a related discipline. In some cases, a four-year college diploma would be a similar asset. Some applicants may hold additional graduate certificates in subjects such as social media, creative design, or graphic design. Marketing Specialists who are working in a public relations role may be required to have an Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation.

Marketing Specialist salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Specialist is $55,115 per year. This can vary depending on experience, location, or type of company that is hiring.

Job descriptions for similar roles

If a Marketing Specialist is not what you are looking for, other related job descriptions include: 

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Marketing Specialist job description FAQs

What should you look for in a Marketing Specialist's resume?

When reviewing Marketing Specialist applicants, it’s important to look for the appropriate education. Some applicants may also have obtained additional certification in the form of a graduate diploma or certificate. Marketing Specialists should also list computer programs they have experience working with such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Canva, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, or similar programs.

What is the difference between a Marketing Specialist and a Digital Marketing Manager?

There are some duties and responsibilities that overlap between a Marketing Specialist and a Digital Marketing Manager. Both roles are responsible for promoting a company in various formats. The main difference between the two positions is that a Marketing Specialist may work with offline marketing tools such as brochures, newspaper ads, flyers, magazine ads, or billboards. A Digital Marketing Manager will only work with online tools such as email marketing, social media, display advertising, or Search Engine Optimization. A Digital Marketing Manager may also likely have Specialists reporting to them. Lastly, a Digital Marketing Manager may be responsible for the strategy of a marketing campaign whereas a Marketing Specialist will likely be responsible for the execution of the campaign.

What makes a good Marketing Specialist job description?

A good job description for a Marketing Specialist role will list detailed information about the company and the kinds of marketing tools the department uses. Job descriptions should also include soft skills or general interests needed for the position. Don’t forget to include the computer applications that are going to be used on a regular basis.

How do you make your Marketing Specialist job description stand out?

The best way to make a Marketing Specialist job description stand out is to include the expected salary, either hourly or annually. Another great way to make the description stand out is to also include any additional benefits that come with the role like product discounts, performance bonuses, or RRSP matching programs.

Job Description Examples

Need help writing a job description for a specific role? Use these job description examples to create your next great job posting. Or if you’re ready to hire, post your job on Indeed.

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