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How to Write a Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Sample

A Maintenance Supervisor, or Maintenance Coordinator, directs and organizes tasks related to maintenance of buildings and equipment. Their duties include leading a maintenance team to meet targets, performing regular inspections, and maintaining equipment.

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What does a Maintenance Supervisor do?

Maintenance Supervisors coordinate the installation, repair and maintenance of facilities and machinery. They work with technicians and other maintenance employees. Their job is to organize and monitor or supervise the maintenance operations of a facility. Maintenance Supervisors also provide technical assistance to department directors and Maintenance Managers. They ensure Maintenance Technicians follow all maintenance and safety standards while performing their responsibilities in an organization. A Maintenance Supervisor is a full-time, part-time or contract employee.

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Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Examples:

Maintenance Supervisor duties and responsibilities

While a Maintenance Supervisor’s duties and responsibilities may vary based on the needs and size of an organization, some core tasks apply to all positions. A Maintenance Supervisor’s duties and responsibilities often include:

  • Planning, prioritizing, assigning, supervising, reviewing and participating in all tasks related to facility maintenance
  • Developing methods and schedules for facility maintenance
  • Responsibly handling emergency situations or after-hours calls for repair and maintenance
  • Taking part in developing maintenance policies and standards for an organization
  • Coordinating training sessions in facility maintenance, safety procedures, and methods
  • Planning daily tasks and delegating them to Maintenance Technicians and other professionals
  • Maintaining preventive maintenance standards for an organization’s facilities and equipment
  • Routinely inspecting various elements of buildings and grounds, like elevators, fire alarms, security cameras and sprinkler systems

Maintenance Supervisor skills and qualifications

Excellence in maintenance supervision lies in reliability and a keen eye for detail. Technical skills and various crafts, such as plumbing, welding, and carpentry, are essential. A Maintenance Supervisor also needs strong leadership skills to perform, delegate and correct duties and responsibilities. Other important skills and qualifications for Maintenance Supervisors include:

  • Ability to identify issues and decide on required actions
  • Competence to plan maintenance schedules
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and delegation skills
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Competency with computers and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Dexterity and physical stamina

Maintenance Supervisor experience requirements

A good Maintenance Supervisor candidate has five or more years of experience performing their duties and a strong understanding of basic math and measurements. Successful Maintenance Supervisor candidates also have extensive knowledge of pipe fitting, welding, and electrical diagnostics. When going through resumes, consider applicants with an additional one or two years of management or leadership experience. This can be through formal job experience and titles, like assistant Maintenance Supervisor, or in other demonstrated capacities, like serving as a lead plumber or training liaison, for example.

Maintenance Supervisor education and training requirements

Maintenance Supervisor candidates typically need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Applicants with training certificates from a vocational school or college program may be beneficial to your organization. You may also ask a candidate for certifications such as the Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) certificate. Knowledge of quality assurance, environmental health, and safety standards is essential.

Maintenance Supervisor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Maintenance Supervisor’s average salary in Canada is $72,366 per year. Salaries depend on factors such as experience, education, location and your company.

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Maintenance Supervisor job description FAQs

What are the different types of Maintenance Supervisors?

There are different types of Maintenance Supervisors depending on the specific needs of a company or organization. Types of Maintenance Supervisors include:

  • Plant Maintenance Supervisors supervise the team while maintaining plant systems and equipment such as pulleys and conveyor belts
  • Building Maintenance Supervisors oversee technicians responsible for the daily maintenance of a building. They also purchase the materials needed and are in constant communication with tenants
  • Facilities Maintenance Supervisors manage the team in charge of minor maintenance and engineering tasks such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing projects
  • Public Works Maintenance Supervisors oversee the maintenance of public fleet vehicles and construction activities within a city

What makes a good Maintenance Supervisor?

A good Maintenance Supervisor prevents maintenance issues from occurring. They think ahead and work with a maintenance plan and schedule. They have all the procedures for all the maintenance work broken down from the most complicated to the simplest daily routine. More importantly, they value their team and motivate them to do the highest value work possible.

Who does a Maintenance Supervisor report to?

Maintenance Supervisors reports to the Maintenance Manager or other senior executive in an organization. This professional is in charge of all maintenance activities in an organization, and they collaborate with Maintenance Supervisors to develop standards, schedules, and safe procedures.

What makes a good Maintenance Supervisor job description?

Having a compelling job description is a great way to attract the best Maintenance Supervisors. A good Maintenance Supervisor job description upholds specific workplace values to ensure you hire an applicant whose values and personality traits align with your organization’s goals. Include career development opportunities, such as maintenance training or leadership workshops that your organization offers. Also, mention employee benefits for the Maintenance Supervisor.

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