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Store Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Store Manager, or Retail Manager, is responsible for the overall operations of a retail store environment and has many important responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of their store. Their duties include recruiting, training, disciplining, and discharging employees; creating and organizing schedules and shifts for their staff members; and ensuring that the store is meeting its sales targets.

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Store Manager duties and responsibilities

In order to excel in their role, Store Managers will take on a variety of duties and responsibilities. These may vary depending on the store, and they may delegate some duties to others. Most importantly, a Store Manager watches over the store and is responsible for everything that happens within it. Some of their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Opening and closing the store, including cleaning and tidying of merchandise
  • Recruiting and training new employees, as well as disciplining them as needed
  • Managing and monitoring financials, including closing out tills at the end of the night or shift
  • Training staff members in store theft prevention protocols
  • Mentoring Assistant Store Managers or other staff
  • Creating promotions for the store, or visual merchandising store windows
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Store Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Store Manager do?

A Store Manager oversees the operations of a retail store. They are responsible for the store’s success, particularly with making sales and ensuring that sales staff are trained. A Store Manager may be responsible for ensuring that the store is organized so that it is welcoming for guests. They will often need to resolve issues that customers may have with staff, products, or services.

Store Manager skills and qualifications

A Store Manager may have a variety of different skills and qualifications prior to applying for a role, such as:

  • Basic accounting and budgeting
  • Understanding of marketing tactics
  • Being friendly and easy-going to excel in a customer service environment
  • Ability to be a reliable leader of the store and its staff
  • Excellent attention-to-detail for scheduling staff shifts
  • Managing analyses of key performance criteria

Store Manager experience requirements

A Store Manager will usually have extensive retail experience. They may have previously been a Store Manager at another location, or they may be looking to be promoted from an Assistant Store Manager role. Store Managers may also have previously held positions such as a Key Holder. Candidates without retail store experience may still be considered, as well as those with other management or leadership experience .

Store Manager education and training requirements

A Store Manager often has a high school diploma, but this is not always necessary. In many cases, strong experience in retail management is more important than education. However, some Store Manager applicants may have related post-secondary degrees or diplomas. Those with certifications in sales, marketing, consumer behaviour, or business administration will stand out.

Store Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Store Manager is $20.61 per hour. This will vary depending on the experience of the candidate, their education, and the location and type of store.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Store Manager job description may not be right for you, a few potential job description samples for other positions include:

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Store Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Store Manager and an Assistant Store Manager?

A Store Manager is often the most senior role at a given store. An Assistant Manager will have very similar duties and responsibilities to a Store Manager, however, they will report to the Store Manager. The Store Manager will delegate tasks to the Assistant Store Manager, as needed.

Who does a Store Manager report to?

A Store Manager sometimes reports to an Area or Territory Manager who oversees a variety of stores in a given area. This is often the case with Store Managers who work for chain stores. In the case of smaller, independent stores, the Store Manager may report directly to the owner or franchise owner.

Do Store Managers have different responsibilities in different industries?

It is possible that Store Managers could have slightly different responsibilities in different industries. For example, at a clothing store, a Store Manager may be responsible for ensuring that mannequins are clothed according to the latest trends. Alternatively, they may have to ensure different displays are updated, folded, or cleaned. While at a Furniture store, a Store Manager may be responsible for organizing shipments of large furniture items from a distribution centre.

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