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Teacher Aide Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Teacher Aide, or Assistant Teacher, helps Teachers with general supervision and management of students. Common responsibilities include arranging classrooms, assisting the Teacher with lesson planning, and recording student progress to foster a positive learning environment.

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Teacher Aide duties and responsibilities

A Teacher Aide works with individuals and groups of students who need to better understand classwork. Teacher’s Aides work with Teachers to plan for class and they also help with record keeping. Teacher Aide duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting Teachers to prepare lesson plans
  • Setting up relevant class materials such as chemistry sets
  • Tracking student attendance and schedules
  • Review lessons with individual students who need extra attention
  • Make sure classrooms are safe and clean
  • Helping students with behavioural issues adjust
  • Accompanying and supervising students during school trips
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What does a Teacher Aide do?

A Teacher Aide assists Teachers in the classroom. A Teacher Aide can stand in for a Teacher in their absence if they have sufficient experience. The kind of job they do also depends on the age of the students. For instance, working in a preschool means that the children are supervised during lunch or playtime. Those who work in high schools will help prepare classroom materials and assist with remedial classes.

There are also Teacher Aides who work with children with disabilities. They may help with basic care such as personal hygiene. Teacher Aides that work with children with disabilities usually have extra training and qualifications to do their job.

Teacher Aide skills and qualifications

A Teacher Aide helps relay social skills to children and also to tackle any learning difficulties that they may experience. There should be significant involvement in what happens in the classroom to help the student learn. A Teacher Aide should be patient and understanding to provide the best support to students.

Formal education such as a certificate in Education Support is essential. Knowledge of teaching techniques is essential and a proper understanding of the behavioural and developmental stages of a child is also important. Other skills and qualifications include:

  • General computer and math skills
  • Great interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • First aid certification
  • Proper planning and organizational skills are important to help with the smooth delivery of classroom lessons
  • Good organizational skills help in taking attendance records, preparing tests, and awarding grades

Teacher Aide experience requirements

Teacher Aide candidates should have some experience in a classroom working with students. This could be experience gained during their education, volunteer work or an internship. Ideal Teacher Aide candidates will have six months to one year of work experience in the Teacher Aide role.

Teaching Aides should also be familiar with the standards outlined by their province for all areas of education and student safety per their respective education levels.

Teacher Aide education and training requirements

A college diploma is a basic requirement for most Teacher Aide jobs. Most colleges and universities offer programs in early childhood development, assistant teaching, and other related programs. Candidates that have completed Teacher Aide training programs will have relevant experience for entry-level roles, as they will have had to complete classroom-based internships during their studies.

Teacher Aide salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Teacher Aide in Canada is $22,041 per year. The salary may be dependent on experience, location, and company.

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Teacher Aide job description FAQs

Who does a Teacher Aide report to?

Successful Teacher Aides maintain a positive outlook and have a range of teaching tools available to use. A good Teacher Aide is ready to engage with teaching activities to provide practical support to the Teacher and class. They should also be enthusiastic about arranging classes, supervising children during trips, and providing assistance if a student is injured or unwell.

What makes a good Teacher Aide?

Teacher Aides assist the teacher with non-professional duties such as the organization and distribution of classroom materials to help with the seamless flow of lessons and instructions. At times, the duties of a Teacher Aide range from helping to implement lessons according to plan to overseeing student safety. Teaching Assistants, on the other hand, are certified and can instruct a group of students as selected by the teacher. At times the Teacher Assistant may take over a classroom when the teacher is absent. A Teacher Assistant needs to have a background in child development and good interpersonal skills.

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