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Warehouse Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Warehouse Manager is a professional who oversees the efficient receipt, storage, and distribution of a wide range of goods. They generally ensure the security of the stock and the warehouse. Their duties include meeting productivity targets, receiving and dispatching merchandise appropriately, and managing systems processes.

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Warehouse Manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse Manager are quite similar to those of an Inventory Manager. However, a Warehouse Manager is more focused on coordinating products and staff within the warehouse and less involved in coordinating organizational logistics. Typical duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse Manager include:

  • Ensuring the company complies with safety and health regulations
  • Recruiting and training new hires, and assisting warehouse employees with tasks when there is a need
  • Assigning work schedules and timesheets to Warehouse Workers, and preparing a list of outgoing shipments
  • Issuing lists of incoming items and shipments, and handing them over to the receiving personnel
  • Ensuring a well-coordinated reception of all materials, items, and products, and making sure they are sorted, labelled, and stored per company standards and policies
  • Ensuring delivery deadlines and quality objectives are met
  • Liaising with clients, suppliers, and transport companies, and operating IT and mechanical systems
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Warehouse Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Warehouse Manager do?

A Warehouse Manager performs the administrative tasks required in a warehouse and related facilities. They ensure proper and orderly storage or goods, liaise with customers, ensure the availability of necessary equipment and space within the warehouse to facilitate proper storage, and maintain an inventory of items stored or shipped.

Warehouse Manager skills and qualifications

Operating a warehouse requires a Warehouse Manager with a good mastery of the requirements of the industry. To be successful, a Warehouse Manager candidate must have a combination of skills and qualifications that align with the products they are handling, including:

  • Flexibility, as most warehouses operate in shifts
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to work on strategic and tactical levels with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent IT and technical skills, especially with spreadsheets and data management
  • Decisiveness, initiative, attention to detail, and high accuracy
  • Analytical ability as well as organizing and planning skills to effectively manage the flow of stock
  • People management skills, including the ability to explain ideas, delegate work, motivate, and lead and inspire members of the team
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Warehouse Manager experience requirements

A Warehouse Manager candidate generally should have two to three years of experience working in a busy environment. They should also be experienced in administration, as much of their duties will be administrative. Previous management experience, especially in a similar environment, is a plus.

Warehouse Manager education and training requirements

A Warehouse Manager position generally requires a candidate to have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as transport management, supply chain management, retail management, operational research, business management, economics, or business information systems.

Warehouse Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Warehouse Manager is $48,010 per year. This may vary depending on the region, company, or the employee’s level of experience.

Job description sample for similar positions

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Warehouse Manager job description FAQs

How can you make your Warehouse Manager job description stand out?

To make a Warehouse Manager job description stand out, describe what makes your warehouse and company culture special. This could include anything from generous benefits packages to free lunches onsite. Include information about the location of work and whether shifts are variable or fixed. Be sure to also include any unique requirements or specific certificates required.

What is the difference between a Warehouse Manager and an Inventory Manager?

The difference between a Warehouse Manager and an Inventory Manager lies in their day-to-day operations. Whereas a Warehouse Manager involves themselves with personnel operating in the warehouse environment and management of employees, an Inventory Manager would typically focus only on stock or product. As opposed to the Inventory Manager, a Warehouse Manager takes charge of the storage of materials and internal movements within the warehouse.

What are the typical working hours for a Warehouse Manager?

The working hours for a Warehouse Manager may include early starts, late finishes, shift work, and working over the weekend. However, they may have to do longer hours depending on the season and tight deadlines. Their working hours are particularly heavier in busy seasons.

What key attributes should you look for in a Warehouse Manager candidate's resume?

A successful Warehouse Manager should have at least four of the following key attributes: a sense of calm, integrity, leadership, safety-mindedness, precision, being tech-savvy, and organizational ability.

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