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How to Write an IT Sales Manager Job Description Sample

An Information Technology Sales Manager, or IT Sales Manager, leads a team of sales professionals in selling computer hardware, software, and technology services to individuals or organizations. Their duties include creating and managing sales projections, working with their sales team to build lasting relationships with their customers, and providing exceptional customer service during the sales process.

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What does an IT Sales Manager do?

An IT Sales Manager is a leadership role within the IT retail industry that manages the sales team. Computer hardware and software manufacturers, IT distributors, and retail locations typically employ IT Sales Managers. Their primary responsibility is to work with a team to expand market share and increase sales. Their job is to create a clear vision for the sales team and implement company initiatives to boost brand awareness.

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IT Sales Manager duties and responsibilities

An IT Sales Manager leads a sales team towards reaching set sales objectives. They take the overall budget and break it down into sales projections for each team member. If they handle a team of external IT Sales Representatives, they create projections based on specific geographic locations. If the team is all onsite, they may form objectives for everyone to work together. Some essential duties and responsibilities of an IT Sales Manager include:

  • Providing training and professional development to the sales team
  • Creating sales goals and implementing initiatives to increase sales
  • Assisting sales team members to build quality relationships with customers
  • Collaboration with other company departments, such as marketing or finance, to offer customer support
  • Developing strategies for increasing market share
  • Ensuring that sales team members follow up with potential customers
  • Generating reports and data for sales analysis
  • Handling escalated client objections and concerns to support other members of the sales team

IT Sales Manager skills and qualifications

An IT Sales Manager combines leadership, communication skills, and business acumen to provide support and guidance to a team of salespeople. They need in-depth knowledge about the products the company offers and options available to provide high-quality customer service. Other skills and qualifications for an IT Sales Manager include:

  • Exceptional communication skills to provide leadership to a team and support customers
  • Ability to lead a customer through the sales process, determining needs, and closing the sale
  • Strong foundational knowledge in information technology, including hardware, software, and IT services
  • Comprehensive business knowledge to create realistic sales projections and objectives for the team
  • Interpersonal skills to liaise with other departments and people within the organization
  • Extensive mentoring and leadership qualities to train and develop sales team members
  • Ability to lead by example and act with integrity

IT Sales Manager experience requirements

Look for an IT Sales Manager with a minimum of three years’ experience in a sales leadership role. The specific expertise depends on your company’s structure. For example, if you focus on business-to-business sales, then candidates should have experience in another business-to-business sales role. Alternatively, experience working with similar products or services is an asset as well. A successful IT Sales Manager needs experience leading a sales team, creating sales projections, and working within the sales environment. Industry knowledge is key so the candidate can lead by example, and apply hands-on experience in a sales role to their training and management style.

IT Sales Manager education and training requirements

An IT Sales Manager generally requires a bachelor’s degree. There are two primary academic paths to follow that prepare a candidate for this career: They can either study finance, sales, marketing, or another business program. Alternatively, they can focus on computer science, computer programming, information technology, or a similar field of study.

IT Sales Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, an IT Sales Manager’s average pay in Canada is $22.56 per hour. This varies depending on a candidate’s experience and education and the company’s location, among other factors.

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IT Sales Manager job description FAQs

How is an IT Sales Manager position different from other Sales Manager roles?

The only difference between an IT Sales Manager and another Sales Manager position is the required product knowledge. An IT Sales Manager needs extensive specialized knowledge about computers, hardware, software, and IT services. Other Sales Managers are product knowledge experts within their own given industries. The function, roles, and management responsibilities of the position are the same.

What to look for in an IT Sales Manager resume?

When reviewing candidate resumes for an IT Sales Manager position, look for a strong background and proven experience in implementing sales strategies. Depending on your organization, many business and sales skills are transferrable to the information technology industry. For example, completing sales projections is similar regardless of the product or industry. So, promising candidates with experience in related industries can apply their transferrable skills to a new role in IT and develop their product knowledge.

What qualities make for a successful IT Sales Manager?

The IT Sales Manager position encompasses several roles: manager, coach, salesperson, and business administrator. Because they’re dealing with a variety of tasks, they need to thrive in a fast-paced environment. A successful candidate needs to be tenacious, goal-oriented, and persuasive. They also need to be able to inspire team members and come up with creative solutions to problems as they arise.

Job Description Examples

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