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Assistant Store Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Assistant Store Manager, also called an Assistant Manager, is essential for leading employees and making sure that the store runs smoothly. Their duties include controlling, coordinating, and evaluating business operations, creating employee schedules and assigning tasks, and dealing with customer complaints.

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Assistant Store Manager duties and responsibilities

Assistant Store Managers coordinate the tasks of employees and make sure that they follow the store’s policies and regulations. They also motivate team members by praising top performers and giving rewards when possible. Duties and responsibilities of an Assistant Store Manager may include:

  • Completing performance evaluations and making reports
  • Answering questions from employees, and giving feedback and suggestions to improve productivity
  • Negotiating with vendors and subcontractors
  • Restocking shelves, and reordering products and supplies when needed
  • Using cash registers and equipment specific to the industry
  • Developing good relationships with customers
  • Creating strategies for increasing store efficiency
  • Following the store’s budget
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Assistant Store Manager Job Description Examples:

What does an Assistant Store Manager do?

Many companies depend on Assistant Store Managers for efficient, profitable operations. These versatile employees help manage team members and handle a variety of tasks. Assistant Store Managers hire and train team members, set sales goals, and help develop and implement marketing strategies. Their exact responsibilities depend on the type of store and its size, and they often take care of additional tasks like cleaning and restocking when other employees are absent. All Assistant Store Managers need to work under pressure and handle occasional problems like low inventory or staffing shortages as well.

Assistant Store Manager skills and qualifications

Successful Assistant Store Managers are polite, persuasive, friendly, and professional. They can get along with many different types of people and personalities. Assistant Store Managers can also work under pressure while adapting to changing conditions. Top skills and qualifications for Assistant Store Managers include:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Leadership and management
  • Organization, time management, and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the services or products that the business sells and the industry that it works in
  • Ability to explain complex concepts to customers and trainees
  • Ability to interpret and analyze sales statistics
  • Ability to use social media to promote the store
  • Ability to use basic accounting and budgeting skills

Assistant Store Manager experience requirements

Many Assistant Store Managers start as junior employees. Some Assistant Store Manager jobs require at least a few years of sales experience, preferably in the same industry as the available position. Other Assistant Store Manager positions require at least a year of management experience.

Assistant Store Manager education and training requirements

Most Assistant Store Manager jobs require a secondary school diploma or GED. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree in business, communication, marketing, business administration, or a field similar to the one that the business works in as well. Some can also require applicants with a master’s degree, and on-the-job training is often required.

Assistant Store Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Assistant Store Manager is $18.25 per hour. Individual pay rates depend on education and experience levels, the company, and the location.

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Assistant Store Manager job description FAQs

What's a typical day like for an Assistant Store Manager?

Assistant Store Managers spend some of their time writing reports and keeping records. They also multitask frequently to speak with customers who have complaints, answer questions, and resolve disputes between employees. Assistant Store Managers work for a wide range of employers, including pet stores, department stores, grocery stores, car dealerships, and restaurants. Many Assistant Store Managers work during the day, but some work night or evening shifts. They sometimes work part-time, but most have full-time jobs. Many wear uniforms or must adhere to company dress codes.

Who does an Assistant Store Manager report to?

An Assistant Store Manager usually reports to the Store Manager. Assistant Store Managers typically work with occasional or no in-person supervision, but they consult Store Managers before making big decisions like hiring a new employee. They may call or email their superiors if a power outage or another emergency keeps the store from staying open.

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