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Business Development Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Business Development Manager, or a Business Development Executive, finds new and interesting business opportunities and maintains the company’s existing clients. Their duties include developing business strategies, educating customers, and networking with potential clients so that they can make profitable sales in the future.

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What does a Business Development Manager do?

Business Development Managers help improve the reputation of a business through marketing and meeting people in person. They educate clients and prospective buyers about a company’s products or services to increase sales. Business Development Managers also contact potential clients directly and develop relationships with new buyers. They may also handle the company’s cash flow and budget. Business Development Managers may work for governments, consulting firms, marketing firms, and nonprofit organizations.

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Business Development Manager Job Description Examples:

Business Development Manager duties and responsibilities

Business Development Managers usually complete a wide range of tasks for supervisors and clients, including supervising research, composing new company policies, looking for investors, and preparing reports. The duties and responsibilities that Business Development Manager job candidates need to excel at may include:

  • Identifying and contacting potential clients through networking and marketing methods
  • Developing new sales areas and markets
  • Planning and directing marketing or advertising campaigns
  • Collaborating with sales departments and other teams to meet targets
  • Hiring, training, and managing junior salespeople, market researchers, copywriters, and other employees
  • Creating sales presentations for potential clients
  • Managing contracts
  • Addressing client complaints or concerns

Business Development Manager skills and qualifications

Successful Business Development Managers use a variety of interpersonal skills and marketing expertise. They must also have extensive knowledge of the company’s products or services. The top prerequisite skills and qualifications for Business Development Managers include:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to explain complex concepts clearly
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability plan and organize sales presentations, meeting, marketing strategies, and more
  • Knowledge in interpreting company financial data and the ability to analyze it
  • Familiarity with social media, industry publications, and competitors of the company
  • A good understanding of how market research works and what results mean for a business
  • Knowledge in preparing company budgets

Business Development Manager experience requirements

Most Business Development Manager jobs require at least five years of sales experience in a related industry. However, many companies don’t require experience as a Business Development Manager. Experience is important because Business Development Managers use it to improve their skills. They learn by interacting with clients, giving presentations and finding new leads.

Business Development Manager education and training requirements

Employers require Business Development Manager candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, business administration, communications, economics, sales management or a related field. They may prefer a candidate with a master’s degree, and on-the-job training is often required as well.

Business Development Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Business Development Manager is $66,823 per year. Pay rates for individuals Business Development Managers depend on experience and education levels, locations and employers.

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Business Development Manager job description FAQs

How is a Business Development Manager different from an Account Manager?

Business Development Managers develop marketing and product development strategies to expand businesses. They may also pitch to major clients and investors. Some Business Development Managers were Account Managers earlier in their careers. Meanwhile, Account Managers focus on making sales and upselling. Business Development Managers usually take care of multiple clients, product lines, or accounts. Account Managers typically handle a specific client, product line, or account

What is a typical day like for a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Managers’ daily activities often vary. They may commute to the office or work from home. The company may also require them to take frequent or occasional business trips. The duration of the trip would vary depending on the company’s plans and schedule. A Business Development Manager may also spend some tine creating reports to present to the company’s upper management. They may also have to meet with contractors.

What industries do Business Development Managers work in?

Business Development Managers work in a wide range of different industries. They may work in healthcare, finance, technology, manufacturing, automotive, travel, food service, or any other industry. With the help of a Business Development Manager, a company can gain new customers and expand their business.

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