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Office Administrator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Office Administrator, or Office Admin, supports the technical logistics in an office space. Their duties include creating processes, overseeing administrative operations, improving office services, and implementing communication procedures.

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What does an Office Administrator do?

An Office Administrator ensures employees have the proper support to work efficiently. Office Administrators work in the background to ensure the workplace runs smoothly. Their day-to-day job typically revolves around various clerical tasks, including bookkeeping, organizing files, and processing payroll. In addition to answering the phone and coordinating calendars, Office Administrators are often the first person internal employees and visitors meet, so they must be able to perform many basic customer service tasks.

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Office Administrator Job Description Examples:

Office Administrator duties and responsibilities

An Office Administrator’s duties and responsibilities can change depending on the workplace or industry. The main task of an Office Administrator is to keep the office functioning. The important duties for the job and responsibilities needed to excel for an Office Administrator are: 

  • Booking flights and arranging travel for company executives
  • Filing important documents, such as reports, meeting notes, emails, and letters
  • Processing and filing invoices
  • Overseeing office supplies and services, including restocking supplies, relocating employees to new areas, setting up desks and equipment for new hires, arranging parking permits for employees, or creating important office forms
  • Supporting bookkeeping and budgeting services
  • Aiding correspondence for the office, such as emails, letters, packages, and phone calls
  • Updating of office records and databases that contain personnel, financial, and office data
  • Ensuring availability to help colleagues and employees where necessary

Office Administrator skills and qualifications

A successful Office Administrator candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications depending on the size of the company and the specific industry. An Office Administrator must be dedicated and dependable. Some skills typically listed on a job description for an Office Administrator include: 

  • Organizational skills to assist multiple employees at one time with various tasks
  • Knowledge of basic computer programs and basic typing abilities
  • Communication skills, like having a pleasant demeanour and the ability to work with various types of personalities within an office setting
  • Attention to detail to submit work or send communications without error
  • Adaptability and flexibility to adjust priorities for whatever task is most important at any given time
  • Ability to handle sensitive information
  • Leadership skills to take control of a situation and make quick decisions when necessary

Office Administrator experience requirements

When hiring an Office Administrator, asking for one to two years of experience is typical. Larger organizations may ask for five years or more. If training is provided, prior work experience is not typically required as long as the job applicant has many of the basic soft skills.

Office Administrator education and training requirements

Although a high school diploma is the most basic education requirement, employers commonly ask for higher education degrees when hiring an Office Administrator. Post-secondary degrees in business administration, secretarial studies, or industry-related areas showcase the applicant’s professional abilities. Certifications in project management and industry-related areas are beneficial.

Office Administrator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Office Administrator is $20.74 per hour. The salary can differ depending on experience, location, or the company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Office Administrator job description FAQs

What should you look for in an Office Administrator resume?

An Office Administrator is expected to keep an office running smoothly. Look for previous experience that includes some of the key responsibilities, such as filing important office documents, signing for parcels, answering the phone, keeping up office supply inventory, and paying invoices. When previous experience isn’t required, try to seek out the soft skills required for the role, like communication and customer service.

What makes a good Office Administrator job description?

A good Office Administrator job description will list the day-to-day duties so the applicant can get a good sense of what they will be doing in their role. It should also list the necessary experience, education, and skills so applicants can determine if they’re qualified. Detailed job descriptions help target the right match.

What qualities make a good Office Administrator?

An Office Administrator needs to have excellent time management, organizational, communication, problem-solving, computer, and interpersonal skills. They also need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment. An Office Administrator should be resourceful and work independently when required.

What is the difference between an Office Administrator and an Executive Assistant?

An Office Administrator is responsible for a wide range of administrative and office-related tasks. This typically means overseeing the office and working with various employees. An Executive Assistant supports specific executives or company personnel. Executive Assistants also represent their executive at certain functions or company meetings, so they need to be aware of the specifics for their particular department at all times.

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