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How to Write an Auditor Job Description Sample

An Auditor, or Systems Auditor, is someone who reviews and audits financial systems or financial accounts of a company or individual. An Auditor’s primary responsibilities include conducting audits in person or remotely, identifying areas of concern, and working to rectify any problems found during the audit.

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What does an Auditor do? 

An auditor performs audits on the financial records and accounts of a company to ensure they are accurate and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Regardless of industry, Auditors reviews systems, accounts, and business functions to identify any problems and determine ways to fix them. An Auditor will need to prepare detailed reports that go through their findings in great detail. Auditors may work with various team members in an organization to find solutions to problems revealed during the audit. An Auditor could be looking through financial records or compliance records, for example.

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Auditor Job Description Examples:

Auditor duties and responsibilities

Auditors perform many tasks that help a company or individual maintain the integrity of their records and statements. Duties and responsibilities of an Auditor may include: 

  • Identifying areas of loss prevention, risk mitigation, health and safety, or operations efficiencies that may help a business
  • Gathering information on the client from sales and customer success representatives department to understand needs
  • Collecting, collaborating, and communicating relevant inputs to internal stakeholders
  • Documenting all findings in an organized and timely fashion
  • Delivering results back to end customers or business stakeholders as needed
  • Providing resolutions and answers to branches, carriers, and employees on routine issues and concerns related to invoice auditing
  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures, and internal control

Auditor skills and qualifications

A successful Auditor will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications required for the duties performed in this job. Some of these may include: 

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to detect patterns in data
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships
  • Ability to work on a team and as an independent contributor
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work in stressful situations and under pressure

Auditor experience requirements

Auditor candidates need to have at least two to three years of experience working as an Auditor or Junior Auditor. Ideally, the candidate will have experience reviewing and auditing information similar to the type of information your company will need auditing. For example, for a Financial Auditor role, the candidate should have at least a year of experience in accounting or financial auditing.

Auditor training and education

An Auditor candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree or higher academic certification from an accredited university. Auditor candidates in finance will need to have the specific education, training, and certification to be a chartered professional accountant (CPA) or certified management accountant (CMA). An Auditor candidate who is recognized and certified as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) should be preferred.

Auditor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Auditor in Canada is $70,523 per year. The salary may vary depending on experience, location, or company that is hiring.

Job descriptions for similar roles

If an Auditor is not what you are looking for, other descriptions include: 

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Auditor job description FAQs

What should you look for in an Auditor resume?

When reviewing resumes for an Auditor, it is important to look for someone who has the qualifications and experience to be working in the department or industry you are hiring for. For example, if you are hiring an Auditor to handle and oversee bankruptcy hearings, it is imperative the applicant hold a licence as a trustee in bankruptcy. The resumes of applicants you are looking at should also list the regulatory body they are a member of, such as the Auditor Certification Board, Government of British Columbia.

How do you make your Auditor job description stand out?

The best way to make an Auditor job description stand out is to specify the type of industry or accounts the Auditor will be overseeing. If the role requires an individual to be a member of a particular association in your province or territory, be sure to list that as a requirement under qualifications. Another great way to make your job description stand out is to talk about any additional company benefits like a wellness program or company RRSP-matching program.

Job Description Examples

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