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IT Project Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Information Technology (IT) Project Manager, or Computer Systems Project Manager, oversees the workflow of all ongoing IT projects and strategies. Every department may have several IT Project Managers, some focused on a singular project, and others overseeing multiple projects at once. Their duties include supervising projects to completion and assigning projects to team members.

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IT Project Manager duties and responsibilities

To ensure the entire team is on track to meet deadlines, an IT Project Manager performs various duties and responsibilities daily. Some tasks a successful IT Project Manager must carry out include:

  • Creating a priority list of all tasks in the workflow
  • Supervising projects to ensure they follow the timeline
  • Ensuring the team follows all required procedures
  • Analyzing the workload and each employee’s response to it regularly
  • Optimizing the workflow structure
  • Making sure team members meet deadlines within the allocated budget
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IT Project Manager Job Description Examples:

What does an IT Project Manager do?

An IT Project Manager coordinates IT workers and ensures they work to reach the goals of clients or other stakeholders. They make sure employees complete all IT requests and projects when they are due. IT Project Managers are also responsible for prioritizing tasks, assigning them to the appropriate team members and providing technical support.

IT Project Managers typically work in an organization’s IT department or for an IT company. They collaborate with various IT teams, managers and other stakeholders in an organization.

IT Project Manager skills and qualifications

An IT Project Manager manages important projects in an organization. Some skills and qualifications to look for in a successful IT Project Manager candidate include:

  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Exceptional technical knowledge
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Project management skills to assign tasks and meet strict deadlines
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Risk management skills to assess technical strategies and security controls

IT Project Manager experience requirements

An IT Project Manager candidate must have several years of work experience. Both in an IT-related role and in project management or leadership positions. Consider applicants who have experience as an assistant to a project manager, or have leadership experience from part-time or volunteer work. An in-depth understanding of computer science is crucial, so candidates should be able to show direct experience working with computers.

IT Project Manager education and training requirements

An IT Project Manager needs a degree in computer science, computer programming, business administration, software engineering or related fields. Candidates who have additional IT certifications in data administration or systems analysis are assets to many organizations. A successful candidate also has on-the-job training as a Computer Programmer. A candidate with a master’s or doctorate in computer science or related fields is an asset to your organization.

IT Project Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an IT Project Manager in Canada is $97,748 per year. Salaries may vary based on factors like the location, candidate’s level of experience and industry.

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IT Project Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between an IT Project Manager and a Scrum Master?

IT Project Managers and Scrum Masters work together in many organizations. They sometimes have overlapping duties and responsibilities, but they are separate roles. An IT Project Manager oversees the entire project and ensures the team is meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and working towards a common goal. A Scrum Master coaches smaller teams within the overall project. They work to keep people motivated and on track, and focus on the success of the team members instead of the success of the project. Scrum Masters are more people-oriented, while Project Managers are results-oriented.

Who reports to an IT Project Manager?

The IT Project Manager keeps a team of Computer Programmers, Computer Technicians, Software Engineers and other professionals within the department on track. However, Project Managers differ from Managers because they focus on bringing all the elements of a project together. Managers provide updates, guidance, performance reviews, training, and more.

What qualities should you expect in a good IT Project Manager?

Because the IT Project Manager handles a team of technical employees, they must have strong leadership skills to drive the team towards a common goal. Look for a candidate who has in-depth knowledge of various technologies and works well in a fast-paced environment. A successful IT Project Manager has excellent decision-making skills and pays keen attention to detail.

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