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Content Writer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Content Writer is responsible for creating thoughtful and engaging original written content. Their top duties include creative writing, interviewing, and maintaining strong research and analytical skills. Content Writers create unique, relevant, thought-provoking, and accurate content to engage readers. In addition, a Content Writer should be able to bring fresh, new ideas to the table in terms of content planning and strategy.

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What does a Content Writer do?

A Content Writer should be able to generate ideas for content that is relevant to the organization or project. They are responsible for creating content the audience will engage with, leading to more sales or growth.

A Content Writer may also be responsible for fact-checking, interviewing sources, and analyzing information prior to publication. They should possess excellent written and oral communication skills. In addition, a Content Writer must also be able to adapt and rework content for various forms of content sharing, i.e., for broadcast commercials, advertisement campaigns, blogs, articles, press releases, and more.

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Content Writer Job Description Examples:

Content Writer duties and responsibilities

A Content Writer has several duties and responsibilities to fulfill every day. Here are some of the common tasks they should be equipped to perform: 

  • Generate ideas
  • Generate content planning, strategy and scheduling as needed
  • Conduct interviews and research
  • Create original content as needed, on deadline
  • Adhere to the brand’s style guide and content requirements
  • Create content that leads to increased sales or online traffic
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the company and its products
  • Understand the needs of the company’s primary audience

Content Writer skills and qualifications

A Content Writer should possess the skills to curate, research, and create quality content. They will be responsible for the generation of ideas, content planning, and creation. Skills and prerequisites of the work include:

  • Strong communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Proficiency in English or French, as needed
  • Strong interviewing skills
  • A degree in Journalism, Creative Writing, Communications, or a related field
  • Creative writing skills
  • Ability to work on tight deadlines
  • Attitude conducive to teamwork
  • Portfolio of recently published works

Content Writer experience requirements

When creating a Content Writer job description, it is essential to outline any experience that is necessary to take on the role of the company. It should be noted if applicants need experience in specific fields of writing that pertain to the job like medical writing, technical writing, and copywriting. They may also require experience with CMS tools and WordPress. All candidates should also have a portfolio with relevant writing samples.

Content Writer education and training requirements

Many Content Writers have a university degree in Journalism, Communications, Creative Writing, or a related field. Other certifications may include completion of an undergrad course or program in a field related to the industry of work, such as engineering, medicine, law, or science.

Content Writer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Content Writer earns an average of $18.87 per hour. This will vary based on many factors including experience, location, and employer.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Content Writer job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Content Writer and a Technical Writer?

A Content Writer writes, researches, interviews, and develops a content plan for a publication or media outlet. They are often responsible for planning the editorial calendar and supplying the content. A Technical Writer is a specialized writer with training in a specific format or industry. For example, a Technical Writer may be specialized in medical writing, engineering, or another professional field.

What should an employer look for in a Content Writer candidate?

A successful candidate has the appropriate training and can provide samples of their work. Employers should look for candidates with a varied portfolio, outlining the writer’s ability to write about various subjects. It is not uncommon to ask Content Writer candidates to complete a writing sample to further assess the candidate’s abilities.

How to make a Content Writer job description stand out?

Make a Content Writer job description stand out by including detailed, yet concise information on the writing workload expected. A good job description will also include the mention of a competitive salary and employee benefits or privileges. If the position is permanent, this will make the job description stand out even further, since candidates in this industry often work on a freelance basis.

Job Description Examples

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