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Cashier Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Cashier, or Cashkeeper, is an individual who handles payments and receipts in business, bank, or shop. In most situations, they work directly at cash registers, collecting payments for clients and ringing up their purchases. A Cashier plays a significant role in the field of banking. Their duties include handling money and interacting with clients to solve their monetary queries.

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What does a Cashier do?

The primary role of a Cashier is to assist clients in the in-store checkout process. They facilitate money transactions for clients by accepting debit, credit, cheques, or cash. They ring up sales, bag items, collect payments, honour coupons, request price checks, and give appropriate change. They are also tasked with counting the cash register drawer content at the end of each shift and maintaining withdrawals, records and receipts. In some companies, a Cashier may be responsible for checking supplies and materials, and reporting when stock is low.

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Cashier Job Description Examples:

Cashier duties and responsibilities

A Cashier has several duties and responsibilities to take care of. Their duties are dependent on the place of employment, but some of their typical responsibilities include calculating total payments received during a shift and reconciling with total sales. They also count money at the end of a shift and note any discrepancies. Other duties and responsibilities of a Cashier include:

  • Assisting with shelf-stocking, clean up, and displays
  • Keeping the register area neat and stocked with essential supplies
  • Counting money in cash drawers at the beginning of a shift
  • Handling rain checks, exchanges, and refunds
  • Rectifying any price discrepancies and resolving complaints from clients
  • Bagging, boxing, or gift wrapping merchandise for clients
  • Issuing the correct change due to the client
  • Using electronic scanners to identify the price of the merchandise

Cashier skills and qualifications

A successful Cashier candidate must possess various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for effective discharge of duties. Firstly, a Cashier needs to be an honest employee who can be trustworthy and reliable since they will be handling a great deal of money daily. It would also be helpful if a Cashier has good knowledge of the products and services of the company since they will constantly be in touch with clients. Other desirable skills and qualification for an ideal Cashier include:

  • Being detail-oriented with basic mathematical skills
  • Ability to focus on the satisfaction of clients
  • Time management and excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to remain helpful throughout the work shift and develop a courteous approach to resolving complaints
  • Ability to lift heavy items, walk, stand, and work with other team members to provide excellent service in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong customer service skills and a high level of energy
  • Ability to handle cash transactions responsibly and accurately

Cashier experience requirements

Although Cashier is an entry-level position, an ideal candidate should at least have a year of experience working as a Cashier or Customer Service Representative. It is an added advantage if a candidate has prior experience working in a retail environment either as a Salesperson or a Cashier. They also need to exude high comfort level using electronic equipment, such as money counters, scanners, and cash registers.

Cashier education and training requirements

There are no formal education requirements typically associated with the Cashier role, though a basic knowledge of computer equipment can help a candidate to be successful. Once hired, a Cashier will often have to on-the-job training to enable them to acquaint themselves with day-to-day job-related skills.

Cashier salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Cashier is $14.01 per hour. This figure can fluctuate, and it may vary depending on the company, location, and employee experience.

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Cashier job description FAQs

What is the career path for a Cashier?

A Cashier career begins at an entry-level position that nearly requires an individual to have a high school diploma. At this point, their duties include issuing out receipts, making change, and receiving money for purchases. The opportunities for advancement in this career are dependent on individual companies. A Cashier can be promoted to be an Assistant Manager, Senior Accountant, Shift Supervisor, or Head Cashier.

What duties would you expect a Cashier to perform if you are running a large business?

Cashiers working in a large business discharge a higher level of functions which include posting charges against clients’ and guests’ accounts, compiling and maintaining non-monetary records and reports, paying company bills by cheque, vouchers and cash, computing and recording totals of transactions, and keeping periodic balance sheets of the numbers of transactions and amounts transacted.

What should you include in a Cashier job advertisement?

When advertising for a Cashier position, your focus should be on attracting the type of employee that your company needs. Include the responsibilities and a list of requirements for the Cashier post. Also, highlight some of the Cashier qualities and job skills you would like to have in your next hire.

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