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How to Write a Concierge Job Description Sample

A Concierge, or a Guest Services Representative, is the first point of contact for guests in an organization. Their duties include making dining or entertainment reservations, arranging transportation services, and recommending activities and places to go in the area.

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What does a Concierge do?

Concierges ensure guests in multiple-tenant buildings have a pleasant stay. They work with employees, such as Porters, Valets, and Cleaners. They also make sure that everyone follows applicable laws and regulations, and connect guests with the information they need. Additionally, Concierges often communicate with subcontractors who perform laundry or cleaning services and maintain relationships with local businesses. They ensure rooms and other areas of a building are maintained. Concierges typically work in hotels, hospitals, real estate offices, and related establishments.

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Concierge Job Description Examples:

Concierge duties and responsibilities

Concierges make sure guests are satisfied with their stay in the establishment. They also ensure employees complete tasks on schedule to increase productivity. Concierges participate in employee evaluations, address complaints from customers and employees, and adapt to unexpected events like cancellations or last-minute reservations. You may provide a uniform or business attire and a name tag for Concierges. Other duties and responsibilities in a Concierge job description may include:

  • Answering phone calls when needed
  • Checking room reservations and preparing them for guests
  • Tracking inventory supplies and reordering whenever necessary
  • Preparing for large events like weddings or conventions
  • Inspecting rooms, hotel pools, and other areas to make sure that staff members keep them clean and presentable
  • Checking rooms to make sure that guests leave after a fire alarm or other emergency
  • Attending workshops and training programs in an establishment

Concierge skills and qualifications

Concierges meet various personalities at work and must have excellent interpersonal skills. They need to be professional, polite, and friendly to build strong relationships with employees and regular guests. Other skills and qualifications for Concierges include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Understanding of how the hotel charges customers and its pricing structures
  • Basic math skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Knowledge of local attractions and events
  • Understanding of food safety and how pests, viruses, and bacteria spread
  • Time and resource management skills

Concierge experience requirements

Most Concierge jobs require at least one year of work experience in the hospitality industry. Consider candidates with management and customer service experience in another sector.

Concierge education and training requirements

Concierges generally require a high school diploma or GED. They often don’t need additional education, such as an associate degree or apprenticeship. However, a candidate with a certificate in hospitality management may be an asset to your establishment. You may also provide on-the-job training to Concierges who apply for entry-level roles. Other education and training requirements, such as knowledge of medical office procedures, depend on your establishment’s needs.

Concierge salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Concierge in Canada is $17.04 per hour. Individual wages depend on experience, education, location, and the company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Concierge job description FAQs

What is a typical day like for a Concierge?

Concierges typically work regular nine-to-five hours, but some candidates work part-time shifts. They visit parts of the establishment to check on guests when needed. Concierges speak to customers and help other employees fulfill customer requests. A good candidate has the ability to learn new procedures and skills quickly.

Job Description Examples

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