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Branch Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Branch Manager, or a Bank Manager, oversees the operations of the branch of a financial institution. Their responsibilities include hiring and training staff, creating sales goals and targets, and connecting with customers.

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Branch Manager duties and responsibilities

A Branch Manager will have many different responsibilities and duties. This will include managing the branch to ensure it is both safe for employees and well-maintained for customers. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the branch. Some further responsibilities include: 

  • Identify risks within the business
  • Ensure employees are complying with company policies
  • Look for growth opportunities within the branch
  • Establish and maintain relationships with new and existing clients
  • Ensure marketing strategies are executed
  • Manage staff, aiding them in goal setting
  • Ensure a safe environment, including theft prevention
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Branch Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Branch Manager do?

A Branch Manager coordinates everything that happens at their branch. This includes working with customers to find the best solutions for their issues, creating strategies for sales success, and maintaining a positive workplace. In order for the branch to be successful, a Branch Manager must help staff achieve their performance goals. They must create a welcoming environment for staff and customers, and help resolve any issues either group may have.

Branch Manager skills and qualifications

A Branch Manager will need a variety of skills that will help them succeed in the role. Some of the key skills to be considered for a Branch Manager role include: 

  • Leadership skills
  • Strong strategic acumen for leading growth opportunities
  • Ability to multitask on a variety of projects
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Understanding of financials and related products

Branch Manager experience requirements

A Branch Manager will usually have experience working in a financial institution. This experience could be as a teller, financial advisor or a salesperson at a branch. They may have previously been an Assistant Branch Manager at another branch or financial institution as well. They should have financial or sales experience from prior roles. Any experience leading teams toward their goals, training staff, and providing mentorship to employees for growth is beneficial.

Branch Manager education and training requirements

A Branch Manager should have at least a high school diploma. Ideally, candidates will have some sort of post-secondary education in business, financial, marketing, or sales. There is no formal training through any accredited institution to be a Branch Manager.

Branch Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Branch Manager is $63,300 per year. This salary will depend on the company, its location, and the experience of a candidate.

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Branch Manager job description FAQs

What are the day-to-day duties of a Branch Manager?

A Branch Manager may start their day by opening the branch for staff to begin their shifts. They may welcome customers as the branch opens and help with their inquiries. A Branch Manager will spend some time throughout their day working on strategies to create new opportunities for growth. They may meet with their staff to mentor them and help them reach their performance goals. They may sometimes cover lunch breaks for Tellers or sales staff. Every day may be slightly different, but these are the main day-to-day duties expected of a Branch Manager.

Who does a Branch Manager report to?

A Branch Manager may report to the Human Resources department of a financial institution or they may report to an Area or Territory Manager. This will depend on the company, its size, and the structure of the organization. They may report to the Human Resources department due to their role in mentoring and training staff, or due to the sales nature of the role they may report to a Territory Manager who oversees multiple branches in a given area.

Who reports to a Branch Manager?

As a Branch Manager oversees all aspects of operations of their branch, all staff at that location will report to them. This could include Assistant Branch Managers, Tellers, or salespeople. They will be tasked with hiring, retaining, and onboarding all of the above-mentioned staff. They will also be responsible for managing and hiring outside resources such as cleaning staff or security as needed.

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