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Marketing Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Marketing Assistant, or Marketing officer, is a professional who executes support activities and supports administrative tasks in marketing. They are the principal assistant of a marketing executive or manager with whom they work on directed projects to maximize the profits of the company, facilitate marketing campaigns and develop sales strategies.

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What does a Marketing Assistant do?

A Marketing Assistant aids an organization’s or business’ sales department and is responsible for driving the sales of a company’s services and goods. They rely on their ability to multitask and on a computer to perform day-to-day administrative tasks. By performing such tasks, they not only keep the department functional but also facilitate the duties of the account executive as well as those of the Marketing Manager. They report to the Marketing Manager.

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Marketing Assistant Job Description Examples:

Marketing Assistant duties and responsibilities

A Marketing Assistant’s duties are dependent on the needs of a company. However, most of their duties fall into the realms of office support and administrative assistance. They gather information, organize data, schedule meetings and conferences and handle travel arrangements for the marketing department. Other duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Assistant include:

  • Being resourceful to senior marketing professionals needing help with completing large projects
  • Collaborating with ambassadors of various brands to develop innovative ways of gaining exposure for client products
  • Working closely with the in-store collateral development team to identify pieces to be displayed in the retail sales floors
  • Submitting ideas for experimental marketing programs created to enhance and grow the brand of the company
  • Helping in the development of ways to improve marketing campaigns and monitoring active marketing programs
  • Performing analysis from questionnaires to understand the needs of customers
  • Assisting with the maintenance of database systems, blog platforms, social media accounts and website
  • Gathering and reviewing marketing data from various channels

Marketing Assistant skills and qualifications

Marketing is a customer-centred department that requires professionals with excellent customer service skills. They must know how to relate well with members of the staff, clients and brand ambassadors. A successful Marketing Assistant candidate must have prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for the effective discharge of their duties. The top skills and qualifications you should look for in a Marketing Assistant include:

  • Exquisite oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of online applications, marketing computer software and MS Office
  • Good understanding of databases and market research techniques
  • High level of organization with a client-oriented approach
  • Demonstrated ability to adhere to deadlines and multitask
  • Excellent knowledge of marketing principles and office management
  • Ability to communicate directly with clients and encourage trusting relationships
  • Ability to write marketing literature to augment the presence of the company in the market

Marketing Assistant experience requirements

To be able to carry out functions related to marketing effectively, a Marketing Assistant requires a minimum of two years’ experience working in advertising or marketing. They also need to have hand-on skills in word processing and other marketing-related programs.

Marketing Assistant education and training requirements

An entry-level Marketing Assistant requires a Professional Diploma in Marketing, Professional Certificate in Marketing or Introductory Certificate in Marketing qualification to be considered for an open position. However, depending on the company demand, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising or a related field may be required for the position of a Marketing Assistant. A Marketing Assistant may further need to consider pursuing additional diplomas, such as CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications, CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing or Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, to enable them to qualify for promotions to a higher rank.

Marketing Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Assistant is $41,940 per year. This figure may vary based on the location, company or team member’s experience.

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Marketing Assistant job description FAQs

What is a typical workweek of a Marketing Assistant?

A Marketing Assistant works five days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. However, when working on a tight deadline, they may be required to work longer hours and sometimes stretch into the weekend. They work in a wide range of industries, such as banking, fashion and NHS, among other sectors. A Marketing Assistant can rise through the ranks to become a Manager, Director or Marketing Executive.

What soft skills should you look for in a Marketing Assistant candidate's resume?

When screening for a Marketing Assistant, you should pay attention to vital soft skills, such as IT skills, numerical skills, communication skills, excellent teamwork skills, creativity, adaptability, commercial awareness, organizational skills and confidence.

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