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Front Desk Agent Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Front Desk Agent, or a Front Desk Attendant, is responsible for ensuring guests at a property have a satisfying stay. Their duties include greeting and welcoming customers, checking guests in and out, and issuing room keys.

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Front Desk Agent duties and responsibilities

A Front Desk Agent ensures customers receive the best service possible from the property. They provide customers with their requested room, address their needs, and resolve any complaints they may have throughout their stay. Other duties and responsibilities of a Front Desk Agent may include:

  • Greeting guests upon their arrival and providing a hospitable welcome
  • Recording client information in the company’s guest book or internal database and directing them to their designated rooms
  • Receiving calls, conducting room reservations, and verifying existing bookings
  • Organizing transportation services and making restaurant reservations for guests upon request
  • Processing customer payments and presenting them with the bill upon check-out
  • Assisting guests who request additional services including catering, wedding bookings, and retreat activities
  • Keeping the front desk neat, orderly, and sanitized at all times
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Front Desk Agent Job Description Examples:

What does a Front Desk Agent do?

Front Desk Agents work in motels, resorts, or hotels anticipating guests’ needs and ensuring they have a pleasant stay in the establishment. Front Desk Agents book clients’ reservations either in-person or over the phone. When guests arrive, the Front Desk Agent uses the reservation software system to check them in and assign rooms. They’ll issue keys and direct the guests to their rooms and other available facilities in the building. Front Desk Agents are also responsible for posting charges to customers’ accounts, processing their payments, and presenting the bill after their stay.

Front Desk Agent skills and qualifications

Since they regularly interact with guests during their shift, a Front Desk Agent must possess impressive communication and interpersonal abilities. Strong computer skills are also effective, as they use company software systems to make reservations and process payments. Additionally, a Front Desk Agent will have other skills and qualifications that would help them in this role, including: 

  • Excellent customer service skills, phone etiquette and listening abilities
  • Flexibility to work varying and extended shifts
  • Ability to work under pressure while maintaining professionalism
  • Attention to detail to ensure an error-free work environment
  • Effective organization and time-management skills to prioritize and complete tasks on time

Front Desk Agent experience requirements

It’s not necessary for Front Desk Agents to have previous experience, but it’s preferable for candidates to have at least one to two years of serving as a Front Desk Agent or another similar role. Candidates with knowledge and experience using online booking systems are also preferable. Candidates that have previously worked in other customer service environments where they regularly interacted with clients or guests can also stand out.

Front Desk Agent education and training

Front Desk Agent candidates may need to have a high school diploma. It can be beneficial for Front Desk Agents to earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality, business administration, tourism, or any other relevant field. Impressive candidates may also be certified front desk representatives or certified guest service professionals.

Front Desk Agent salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay for a Front Desk Agent in Canada is $15.69 per hour. This figure may vary according to the candidate’s experience, location and company they work for.

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Front Desk Agent job description FAQs

What's the difference between a Front Desk Agent and a Receptionist?

While they both work at the front desk of an organization, there are some key differences between the responsibilities of Front Desk Agents and Receptionists. Front Desk Agents typically work primarily in a hotel, resort or motel setting, checking guests in and out of rooms, assigning room keys, and ensuring an enjoyable stay. Receptionists are typically in an office setting, answering phones and emails, scheduling employee meetings, and distributing employee mail.

What settings do Front Desk Agents typically work in?

Many Front Desk Agents work for hotels, providing guests with basic amenities and registration services. Others may work in resorts or a variety of high-end establishments, where they’ll complete more elaborate tasks for guests, like providing personalized service to VIP customers and making group reservations for large events taking place on the property, like weddings or conferences.

Who does a Front Desk Agent report to?

A Front Desk Agent typically reports to the Hotel Manager, who will provide them with their shift schedules and daily responsibilities. If guests have any comments or concerns about a Front Desk Agent’s performance or if a Front Desk Agent needs assistance with difficult guests, the Hotel Manager will generally address and resolve these issues. They’ll also review the Front Desk Agent’s work performance and will provide any feedback, notes, or guidance on areas to improve.

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