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Administrator Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Administrator, or Office Administrator, offers support to an individual employee or business by performing office tasks. Their duties include answering telephones, filing letters and documents, directing visitors and answering customer questions.

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Administrator duties and responsibilities

An Administrator is responsible for organizing business documents and maintaining diaries for managers or other professionals. Other duties and responsibilities may include :

  • Answering incoming calls professionally and redirecting them where appropriate
  • Taking accurate minutes at company meetings
  • Monitoring and ordering stationery and other office supplies
  • Reviewing and coordinating office procedures to ensure that company policies are being met
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective filing system for letters, reports, minutes, and other documents
  • Ensuring accurate record-keeping in data entry systems, such as appointments in diaries
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Administrator Job Description Examples:

What does an Administrator do?

Administrators ensure the smooth running of an office by being the first point of contact for general telephone inquiries. Additionally, they are responsible for typing important documents such as meeting minutes or official letters, and organizing paperwork in a filing system so it can be easily located. In a large or busy office, an Administrator oversees the work carried out by Office Assistants and other Administrative Support Staff.

Administrators typically respond to email inquiries. They are expected to redirect messages to the appropriate person or department through their good understanding of how the business operates. Administrators are sometimes expected to help out other members of staff to locate documents or resolve common office problems.

Administrator skills and qualifications

Administrators need to be proficient in Microsoft Office and other similar program packages. An Administrator also gains an advantage in being an effective communicator over the telephone, in writing, and in person. Other important skills for an Administrator include:

  • Ability to use common computer software packages and online applications
  • Accurate handwriting and word processing abilities
  • Capacity to work as part of a team of office employees in a busy environment
  • Ability to meet deadlines while ensuring high standards of accuracy
  • Ability to follow instructions provided by Managers or other senior members of staff
  • Willingness to assist Administrative Assistants to resolve problems and learn how to follow company procedures

Administrator experience requirements

Candidates for an entry-level Administrator position may have experience as an Office Assistant or in a similar secretarial position. Administrators expected to fulfill a more complex role, such as managing administration of a large office, should have two or more years of work experience. They should also demonstrate a record of being an organized, reliable, and punctual employee.

Administrator education and training requirements

You may prefer to hire an Administrator with a university degree or college diploma, but candidates with a high school diploma can also succeed in the role. Relevant qualifications include business administration or secretarial studies. An Administrator candidate may also demonstrate their proficiency with business application software, or have training certificates from a private company or college.

Administrator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, an Administrator earns on average $20.58 per hour in Canada. This amount may vary depending on a person’s experience and the range of their responsibilities in the company.

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Administrator job description FAQs

What is the difference between an Administrator and an Office Manager?

Both an Administrator and an Office Manager are often responsible for similar clerical tasks. However, the responsibilities of an Office Manager are usually more wide-ranging. They are typically tasked with supervising junior staff members, writing reports or reviews of business performance, and hiring new employees. Office Managers may sometimes fulfill the role of an Administrator, especially in smaller businesses. However, in a larger office, an Office Manager may oversee the work of one or more Administrators.

What should you look for in an Administrator resume?

If the candidate is an experienced Administrator, their resume should have examples of the work they have done in previous roles. For example, an Administrator may explain that they helped introduce a new filing system, or developed a new record-keeping procedure. The resume of an entry-level Administrator may focus more on showcasing skills the candidate will need to succeed in the role. They may include examples of their organizational abilities or talk about how they demonstrated their reliability in a previous job. Additionally, they may mention how they trained or supported Administrative Assistants.

Does an Administrator have different responsibilities depending on the industry they work in?

Generally, an Administrator performs similar tasks regardless of the industry. Exceptions to this include Administrators working for a legal firm or medical practice. In these cases, there are specific regulations and procedures they will follow to comply with legal requirements and patient confidentiality. If your business is in one of these areas, you should require candidates to display relevant knowledge and experience.

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